A highly aligned team is a highly productive team. The big question is, how aligned is your team?

Dysfunctional teams have low productivity. Conflict is caused by misunderstandings and misinformation, and the error rates tend to be higher than our customers would like. At the other end of the spectrum, highly aligned teams anticipate risks and issues, have low rates of repeat errors or escalations, and deliver great results.

In this video, I share with you the four core competencies that quickly tell me how well aligned team members are and the questions you, as a leader, need to be asking:

Evidence # 1 Chapter 1:07 – Team Members Make Informed, Balanced Decisions

Evidence # 2 Chapter 2:18 – Team Members Get Unstuck Quickly

Evidence # 3 Chapter 3:58 – Team Members Grow Others All The Time

Evidence # 4 Chapter 6:03 – Leaders Stretch Their Teams Every Day

How do you measure team alignment? What are the toughest aspects of creating alignment or turning teams around?

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