The Value Exchange in Conversation

Welcoming my guest Stephen Brittain on visualising and mapping the value exchange in conversation. Steve is co-founder of Insurtech Gateway, the only FCA authorised independent incubator and fund. It’s where founders can go and get underwriting paper, investment capital, and advice on how to design and build their startup for the insurance industry…

With so many barriers to entry. He says founders often run out of energy and money just trying to get in. One founder refers to them as “insurance sherpers, guiding us through the wilderness of insurance.”

Along with his co-founders, Steve takes founders on a journey towards investors. He enlists the support and patience of “true collaborators”. Who he defines as geeks who have a shared fascination in each other, who recognise each other as peers and who all like to get their geek on.

They’re all incredibly curious, they all bring a super skill to the conversation and then there’s a mutual respect between Mr Insurance Geek, or Mr Data Analytics Geek or Mr Forecasting Geek or Mr IoT Sensor Geek or whatever skill is required. That there’s a recognition of peers, that’s been quite fundamental, they’re enjoying playing with others who are also excellent at what they do.

Steve sees himself as a peacekeeper in conversations, working to get both sides – founders and investors, to align on ideas. He’s very visual in conversations using mind maps crossed with Venn diagrams, and props like mugs, phones and drinks coasters to help himself and others get clarity about the value exchange. 

If that wasn’t enough you will hear Steve get more personal and discuss

  • Surrounding yourself with the right peopleValue Exchange
  • How he is drawn to impacting other people’s lives
  • Getting people to work together for the betterment of humankind
  • Moving past the superficial and bringing humanity back into conversations
  • Impatience in conversation and wanting to find the solution when someone really needs us to listen
  • Duty of care in conversation “How can I frame it differently to help that person get the outcome they want?”
  • What role you need to play in the conversation
  • Creating a kind of 3D language in conversation that takes on properties, energy, emotions, and currency

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