Sehaam Cyrene PCC

Sehaam Cyrene PCC

Guiding leaders, teams and organisations to new heights of productivity, culture and ownership with solutions and approaches that tap into our fundamental desire for belonging, recognition and contribution.

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Blazing a trail for Coach-Leadership & Coaching Cultures

Sehaam Cyrene is an Executive Coach to senior leadership teams, is the creator of 5 Star Rated course Leaders Who Coach™, and #1 Amazon Best Selling Author who is advocating for leaders to step into the next era of leadership practice — to become Coach-Leaders.

Coach-Leaders are leaders who practise the skills of professional coaches for substantive impact — from one meeting to the next. For productivity, wellbeing, accountability, ownership, commitment, and growth.

Coaching Cultures exist in organisations where a minimum of 60% of leaders, at all levels and across all functions, demonstrate and model observable coach-leadership skills in 1-to-1 and team meetings, including under pressure. People processes reinforce coach-leader skills. Adoption is frictionless and rewarded.

Some Quick Facts about Sehaam

Sehaam’s Experience & Expertise

L&D & e-Learning Strategy
Solution Design & Build
Programme Management
Analysis & Strategic Thinking
Culture & Leadership Capability
Productivity & Performance
Executive & Team Coach
Expert Facilitation
Strong Communication

Appearances & Interviews

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Institute of Directors (2019) | Unseen Operational Challenges for Digital Transformation | Conversations: Analogue vs Digital

Host & Chair

Margaret Heffernan — author & TEDTalk speaker — on fresh, raw and unpacked conversations

Rob Stephenson — creator of FormScore & campaigner — on smashing the mental health stigma

Dr Hazbi Avdiji — D&I Professor at BSL — on intimacy, being queer and organising festivals

Aspiring Women CTOs | How to handle tough conversations

BC4L Summit 2020 — Topics & Speakers on Leadership (Host, Speaker & Producer)

Coach-Leadership Advocacy

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