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Sehaam Cyrene PCC

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About Sehaam

Business leader, entrepreneur and Executive Coach, Sehaam Cyrene PCC is the Founder of Better Conversations & Associates and the creator of a game-changing online course for leaders — Leaders Who Coach™.

Leaders Who Coach™ was born out of frustration that organisations have been pouring millions of pounds into expensive leadership programmes that do not work. Research tells us that for decades, leadership capability is seriously lacking and is at crisis levels — productivity levels are dropping while mental health issues are on the rise. This increases business risk and drives down organisational competitiveness.

In just three months, Leaders Who Coach™ teaches leaders the practical and transformative conversation skills of coaches in the context of navigating the hard business realities and challenges that they face every day — all at a price, speed and format designed to remove barriers to raising leadership performance.

Through both her coaching style and on the course, Sehaam shows leaders how to be intentional and strategic in their relationships and conversations at all levels. She is a firm believer that if you give leaders the skills they need to motivate and inspire, then the rising confidence and capability of leaders will shore up the bottom-line and nurture healthy cultures where people thrive and excel.

In addition to her professional training, Sehaam draws on her multi-sector experience and partnerships with clients globally. A regular speaker to digital communities, leaders, board directors, and teams, and producer of BC4Leaders events, Sehaam also hosts her own podcast series Better Conversations. She invites guests from all walks of life and across many professions to talk about who they need to influence, how they do it, and the conversations in work and life that have inspired them the most.

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About Better Conversations

Better Conversations & Associates Limited is a unique leadership training and development company founded by Executive Coach, Sehaam Cyrene. Blending the worlds of coaching with business operations and strategy, our flagship course, Leaders Who Coach™, is a 12-week online course for leaders at all levels who want to be inspiring to their people and be influential among their peers.

Additional services include Executive Coaching for senior leaders, and organisational culture consulting for scaling organisations through to established functions and teams.

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