Press Release: New generation of leaders, founders and CEOs are putting people growth at the heart of their enterprises

September 2020 saw the creation of what became a Better Conversations Scholarship in partnership with Microsoft for Startups UK. The Scholarship offers tutor-guided places on the CPD Certified course Leaders Who Coach™ to founders, CEOs and senior leaders in Microsoft for Startups ecosystem.

The interest in the scholarship has been fantastic and reflective of the wave of young leaders who are keenly committed to putting people at the heart of their businesses.

All the leaders have articulated their desire to show up at their best so that they can develop and build up their team members, navigate challenges better and attract more great talent to support their plans for scaling rapidly.

One founder said,

“As we grow… it’s about the team’s ability to get things done. [So] it’s critical that I develop the skills to be a successful leader for collective team successes.”

And another founder expressed,

“I not only want to achieve the best business results, but I also want to bring out the best out of those that I work with.”

MD for Microsoft for Startups UK, Amali de Alwis MBE [↗️] says, “We’re so excited to be partnering with Better Conversations to offer these scholarships. Supporting founders and CEOs to become better leaders, especially through challenging times such as those we have experienced the past year is critical, and an integral aspect of building a successful business.”

The leaders enrolled in the scholarship are:

Course creator and founder of Better Conversations, Sehaam Cyrene PCC [↗️] says, “Seeing the uptake of this scholarship by such a high calibre of committed leaders confirms for me what I’ve long felt and known — leaders want to show up at their best for themselves and for their people. I’m excited that this new wave of leaders gets it and is ready to be the change we very much need.”

The cohort are three weeks into the course and Sehaam says, “While everyone is still getting to know each other, they’ve also shown immense integrity in sharing what they believe in, what they stand for and the impact they want to have as leaders. In our weekly calls, we deep dive into all areas of leadership, practise our new conversation and leadership skills, and share experiences of putting infrastructure in place to grow our people.”

“The Leaders Who Coach™️ course is so thought provoking. It’s perfect for leaders and managers who want to have a positive impact on building, sustaining and leading high performing teams. I’m thoroughly enjoying it.” — Kathryn Tingle

About the Scholarship

The Better Conversations scholarship in partnership with Microsoft for Startups UK is for the Enrichment Plan of Leaders Who Coach™ that runs for 4 months from November 2020 to February 2021, earns delegates 52 CPD Hours, and includes weekly group coaching calls and study emails with Sehaam Cyrene PCC, the course creator.

The Leaders Who Coach™ 100 video lectures and related practical assignments take leaders through four competencies and grows their confidence and mastery of 12 key skills:

Competency I — Grounded Leadership
Skill #1 — Act with Integrity
Skill #2 — Establish Common Understanding

Competency II — Emotional Connections
Skill #3 — Build Trust, Secure Permission
Skill #4 — Coach-Leader Presence

Competency II — Conversation Skills
Skill #5 — Listen to Understand
Skill #6 — Ask Good Questions
Skill #7 — Clean & Clear Language

Competency IV — Capability & Capacity of Teams
Skill #8 — Grow Awareness
Skill #9 — Design & Agree Action
Skill #10 — Plan & Set Growth Goals
Skill #11 — Accountability & Course-Correction
Skill #12 — Progress & Sustained Growth

Leaders Who Coach™ Self-Paced and Enrichment Cohort Certificate — CPD Certified

About Better Conversations

Founded by Executive Coach, Sehaam Cyrene PCC, Better Conversations delivers world class scalable leadership development products and services. Through certified courses, executive coaching, consulting, podcasting and free video content, we focus on blending the principles of coaching mastery with scientific and industry knowledge that leaders on the ground need to perform and show up at their best. Our flagship course Leaders Who Coach™ offers leaders an enduring way to strengthen culture, build strong relationships, and improve collaboration between function, for high impact and at scale.

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About Microsoft for Startups UK

Microsoft for Startups is a free, global program dedicated to helping B2B startups successfully scale their companies. We do by this by providing startups with access to powerful technology including Azure and GitHub Enterprise coupled with a streamlined path to selling alongside Microsoft and our global partner ecosystem. In fact, startups in our program secured over a $1BN in sales opportunities with the average deal size over six figures last year alone.

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