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People Strategy
for Scale-Ups
From operational drag, fractured leadership & revenue loss to inspiring conversations, healthy cultures & fast growth – together


Scaling is one of the most challenging transitions of a company from start-up to longer term existence. It’s scrappy and chaotic. It’s exciting and exhilarating one minute, and scary and dilemma-defying the next. But over the centuries, one thing has remained constant – we do business with people we have an emotional connection with.

  • People inspire each other to innovate, collaborate & stay on target

  • People hold & build knowledge of decisions made & specialist expertise

  • People delight and exceed the expectations of your customers

  • And it’s your people who secure the growth of business & protect revenues year-on-year

WEBINAR: Your 4 Mission Critical PEOPLE Priorities for Smooth Scaling

There’s a lot to do in a scale-up – and we understand that you have limited resources and very little room to make costly mistakes. So join Scale-Up Partner and Executive Coach, Sehaam Cyrene PCC in considering the only people-focused initiatives you should be prioritising to make scaling smoother and to positively impact your culture, your brand value and your bottom-line.

Your People

Making Smart Decisions

Delighting Your Customer

Protecting Your Revenues

“Down-to-earth practical advice!”

In less than 60 minutes, find out which people-focused initiatives your business should be prioritising to drive growth and scale smoothly.

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Leadership is a fundamental resource for the group, and for the survival and effectiveness of teams.

Our programme is built on tried and tested methodologies and models. It draws on impact data, research and understanding in psychology, neuroscience, behavioural economics, and social anthropology as well as the great thought leaders and practitioners of management, negotiation, leadership and coaching.

People Strategy Programme for Scale-Ups

Whether you are scaling your company from 20 to 100 people or from 100 to 200 people, you’re about to enter a critical period of rapid change which is both exciting and full of challenges.

Our programme is tailored to your stage of growth. It is designed to unlock individual and collective potential, and to fast-forward growth.

Evaluation &
Goal Setting

A comprehensive stage to identify strengths and risks to inform mission critical priorities.

Activities may include:

Culture Health Check

Leader Interviews

Function Mapping

KPI Identification

Skill Gap Analysis

Leadership Potential Assessments

Compensation Analysis & Strategy

People Scaling Roadmap

Customised Initiatives

Cut through the noise and focus on initiatives that deliver results to your people, your customers and your bottom-line.

Initiatives may focus on:

Organisational Structure

Team Structures

Results-Focused KPIs

Hiring & Onboarding

Tools for Decision-Making

Protocol for Risk Management

Team Cadence

Customer Journeys to Honour

Sales Team Capability

Revenue Strategy

Collective Leadership Development

Build common ground through individual and group discussions, experiences & goal-setting.

Activities may include:

One-to-one Coaching

Group Coaching

Working Sessions

Group Calls

Development Assessments

Core Skills Development

Succession Planning

Team Goal Setting

Peer Accountability


“I feel much calmer so I can make better decisions without clouded judgement.”
“Encouraging my team to make more decisions has raised their confidence…”
“… and given me more free time to help shape cross-team processes.”
“I no longer think I’m a bad manager.”
“We now support our customers better when they are live with the solution.”
“More openness and willingness to discuss areas to improve.”
“I’m more mindful of how I behave with my team.”
“We changed the way the team work to ensure visibility of next week’s work.”
“I feel more influential — people listen to me.”
“I can have those delicate conversations without feeling emotional.”
“I’ve spoken with people across departments and geographical regions.”
“I can easily explain the value I bring to my team & my boss.”
“Our new team cadence has made my team much happier — thank you!”
“We laugh more as a team even when we’ve got deadlines.”


In less than 60 minutes, find out which people-focused initiatives your business should be prioritising to drive growth and scale smoothly.

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Our flagship online course Leaders Who Coach is also available as a Company Cohort Package and can be woven into Collective Leadership Development – part of the People Strategy Programme for Scale-Ups.

The Cohort Package includes one-to-one coaching for each leader. If you are looking to develop your future leaders, please get in touch about this customised option and ask about how we can align it to your L&D and business strategy.

More testimonials from clients…

“I really enjoyed each and every session and found them to be very valuable. They really helped in bringing back ways of working which were lost along my career as well as bringing in new ideas that I can incorporate to help me grow as an individual and help others to grow also. 10 out of 10!”

“It’s improved the way I listen to people rather than rushing in to give my opinion… so I can make informed responses that let them know I’m listening.”

“Leaving each and every session with new ideas and key takeouts that I can look to incorporate into my way of working.”

“One of my coaching sessions helped me in preparation for a challenging client meeting with multiple stakeholders. We discussed my approach and prep for the meeting which helped me to deliver a productive and successful meeting with the stakeholders bought into the project and next steps.”

“I think by giving individuals the coaching sessions it has reframed how one thinks and to think of the bigger picture – the goal everyone is aiming to achieve and using new techniques to put that into practice more. Encouraging conversations, collaboration, helpfulness and honesty between teams.”

“I feel much calmer so I can make better decisions without clouded judgement. I’ve slowed down and had better conversations. By having the better conversations, there is less animosity between teams, meaning we are more productive.”

“It has helped our teams become more efficient and will enable our teams to better support our customers when they are live with the solution.”

“Enthusiasm has changed and individuals are aware of their individual goals and expectations. Processes have been incorporated which is bringing in more structure to team discussions.”

“More openness and willingness to discuss areas to improve.”

“We are all different and we all process input in different ways. (Examples of impact are) 1 – We changed the way the team work to ensure the entire team has visibility of next week’s work, as certain people like to go away and collect their thoughts beforehand. 2 – From having check-ins with my team I now understand how they would like to grow and I’ve been supporting them with supplementary tasks; organising the weekly code releases, owning the design for new features, being stand in scrum master. 3 – Being inquisitive, which forces people to think about their requirements/problems from a different view point.”

“Thinking about my own values and my behaviours within the business and being more mindful of how I can display them within and outside of my team. Committing to actions at the end of each session and contracting to them has seen some good outcomes.”

“Defining what I value. It has been great having a mirror (Sehaam) to help my thoughts become clear and work on my outlook on my career.”

“Talking through areas I’m trying to improve gave me an additional perspective and concrete actions to take from the session.”

“Being listened to. Being able to openly discuss areas that I would like to improve/work as well as problems, without any consciences/prejudice. Then exploring these areas in productive manner.”

“It has encouraged me to work closer with and understand how we as a team can collaborate better with others outside our team. For example, coaching sessions were a catalyst and gave me extra motivation to arrange a session with our Support and Ops teams to discuss challenges we were having with the new Support platform and general ways of working. We had a very productive meeting and over the past few weeks we have worked together to improve a number of the processes, information shared and responses between our teams.”

“Connecting my personal issues to the challenges one faces in business. It’s been hugely productive.”

“The process has identified a collective awareness and understanding of what we feel our culture should be and has provided a base to help push this across on a day-to-day basis.”

“I think it’s helped the participants bond with each other. It’s clear that each individual is committed to helping the company succeed through dedication, growth and having a good work ethic. There’s a feeling that ‘we’re all in this together’.”

“This programme has allowed me to meet and speak to people across various departments and geographical regions, to get to know them in itself has been a benefit. My work and output has improved by sharing and exchanging more ideas with my colleagues and by working closer together as a team.”

“I hope it’s improved the way I listen to people rather than rushing in to give my opinion. So, better at gathering other people’s thoughts so I can make informed responses that let them know I’m listening.”

“Feel like I’m able to contribute more to discussions as well as support others to do the same.”

“My communication has altered, depending on whom I am speaking with. If that means picking up the phone with certain people, I have. I have started to be more open to the idea of communicating in methods that aren’t my norm. It has made building relationships a lot easier, and given them more visual.”

“I haven’t been as uncomfortable to address when I think something is wrong or disrespectful.”

“My expectations of myself are still there – but now I have been able to find a way to share those expectations with others around me. I have been going above and beyond in certain ways, while being able to knowledge share. E.g. The expectation of me attending networking events (learning more of my craft) and coming back and sharing notes with my team. This way when I learn, they do to. Overall, I believe working on myself has been crucial. It is rare that we focus on an individual in a team oriented structure. But the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack. I have been able to step outside of normal framing to work on myself. I have been able to come back to my team and make us all stronger. It’s small changes like this that have altered energy, productivity, and expectations throughout.”

“Learning how to be less critical of my self and looking at the smaller things as well as the big picture.”

“I feel more committed to the company and I want to be part of the future to embed this and make it a great place. I’ve been working on my sponsors in each team and looking to take the pain away from others… I’ve approached new managers in the Operations team to offer my help with anything that they are struggling with or can help answer any questions they might have.”

“The culture has become more a supportive, caring culture. Understanding people’s needs and desires and supporting them to ensure they feel included and respected within the company.”

“Thanks so much – I learned and I believe benefited professionally from this program.”