30% Richer Conversations

How do you get 30% more from your conversations? Well, I’ve got 3 things for you to try plus a gift that will make your conversations richer. 

1 — Ask 30% more questions

Before you catch-up with people, make a note of 3 questions you’ve never asked them. Open questions starting with how or why are best, like “why do you enjoy that so much?” or “how did you get started with that?”

2 — Pay 30% more attention to body language

In every conversation, notice 3 things your conversation partner does, especially when they mention or talk about something that raises a strong emotion in them. If appropriate, say what you’re noticing, “That sounds uncomfortable” or “That’s really got you excited.”

3 — Stay quieter for 30% longer

Practice holding silent spaces to give people time to process their thoughts or work up the courage to share something important. So, ask a question and fall silent.

And of course, always ask permission to enquire about sensitive topics — “Can I ask you about that? But only if you feel comfortable to talk about it.”

I promised you a gift!

30 Per Cent Richer Conversations + Free Values PosterOkay so how well do you know what’s most important to people in your life and work? Do you know their values?

Well I’ve got an awesome conversation game / exercise for you – grab it here – that will immediate get you having richer conversations with the important people in your life and work.

It’s my Free A3 Values Poster. It makes for a fascinating team exercise or equally a scintillating after dinner conversation.

And it’s really easy to do! Just print one out for each guest or team mate, and get the conversation started. You’ll find straight-forward instructions on the poster.

Don’t forget to use the tips I’ve just shared with you. Even better, share this post with everyone in your group so you’re ALL practicing these skills together.

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