In this third and final episode of our 3 Part Series, Ben Miller and Sehaam Cyrene dive into Cognitive Diversity, Leaders + Design.

No two brains are wired the same. And our work demands us to think differently about everything. So, how can leaders cultivate inclusive conditions for teams to think and act differently, together?

Diversity of Thought for Leaders is our NEW 6-week course designed to demystify and reveal the invisible workings of the mind. Instead of approaching neurodiversity (ADHD, Autism, Dyspraxia, Dyslexia and other conditions) as a problem to fix, Ben invites you to explore new ways to navigate complex and collective challenges with the strengths of team members who are neurodiverse.  👉 Learn more:

Part 1 — Cognitive Diversity – Why Now? (18th Jan)

Part 2 — Cognitive Diversity – Thinking Patterns (25 Jan)

Part 3 — Cognitive Diversity – Leaders + Design (1 Feb)

Find out more about Diversity of Thought For Leaders course, launching 17 May 2022.

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Feedback Conversations Infographic with Video Tutorials
Feedback Conversations Infographic with Video Tutorials