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Better Conversations Scholarship in partnership with Microsoft for Startups UK


Only 12 Spots Available | Course Schedule: 2 November 2020 to 15 February 2021

This is the Enrichment Plan (Company Cohort) level of Leaders Who Coach™️ course which includes weekly Enrichment Calls with your peers and tutor. This provides 52 CPD Hours. Each spot is worth £1,500 + VAT.

Before you apply, please read the details below to make sure you can meet the selection criteria and time commitment. We strongly recommend you apply early.

Who should apply?

Applications are welcome from senior leaders in the Microsoft for Startup UK community who meet the following criteria:

* You are the Founder, C-level or function head (VP or Director)
* You have a minimum of 2 direct reports
* You can commit to 2 hours’ self-study time per week
* You can attend the weekly Enrichment Calls

Being front-line people managers, you will come to model the behaviours and conversations that your people want to adopt. This is an enduring way to strengthen culture, build strong relationships, and improve collaboration between functions.

Course Schedule & Completion Pre-Requisites

2 November 2020 to 15 February 2021

This Leaders Who Coach™️ Microsoft for Startups UK Cohort begins on 2 November 2020 and ends on 15 February 2021, and comprises weekly Enrichment Calls on Mondays at 6-7:30pm London UK time. There is a 1 week break over the festive period.

There are 14 Enrichment Calls including Onboarding and Wrap-Up on the following Mondays (with one exception*):

9, 16, 23, 30 November
7, 14 December and Thursday 17 December*
4, 11, 18, 25 January 2021
1, 8, 15 February

Pre-requisites for completing and graduating from the course, and earning 52 CPD Hours, include:

  • Watching all 100 video lectures
  • Passing all quizzes at 80% or above
  • Getting all 13 assignments submitted and approved
  • Attending 12 of the 14 the Enrichment Calls
  • Completing two course surveys

This is a brilliant opportunity to grow as a leader, knowing you will be doing all you can to inspire, influence and motivate your people.


If you are a leader with experience of leading and managing a team, then this course is for you.
Leaders Who Coach™ is designed to meet the demands of leaders at all levels — even the most seasoned and senior leaders will get unrivalled value and growth from taking this ground breaking online course.

  • Be the leader everyone wants to work with & learn from

  • Effortlessly attract & keep the best people in your industry

  • Create emotional connections with anyone in 5 mins or less

  • Run high performance teams that excel at collaboration & innovation

  • Grow the capability of every team member through regular coaching conversations

  • Handle tough conversations with skill & compassion

  • Influence stakeholders earlier in the decision-making cycle

  • Raise your credibility & integrity index with everyone

  • Turn your boss into your #1 supporter & advocate

  • Be known for your strong business acumen & risk management skills

  • Fast-track your way to promotions & top career opportunities

  • Negotiate confidently for impact & winning outcomes

Why wait to secure your seat at the table?
Take control, empower your team, and accelerate your career.


Competency I — Grounded Leadership

Competency II — Emotional Connections

Competency III — Conversation Skills

Competency IV — Capability & Capacity

Leaders Who Coach™ covers these 4 strategic leadership competencies to help you achieve the fullest vision of yourself as a leader, make a positive impact on the business, and take great people on the journey with you.

World Class Quality

“well structured online course”
“plenty of opportunities to interact”
“very comprehensive”

Earn 52 CPD Hours

Leaders Who Coach™ Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Hours are a great way to demonstrate — to your organisation, your team, your peers and your customers — your commitment to being an inspiring and influential leader.

Highly Recommended by Leaders

Quality of Content

Knowledgeable Tutor

Real Role Assignments & Practical Skills

Enrichment Call Content & Discussions


The course takes 3 months to complete.*

Study 20 minutes a day!†
  • Practice new skills from Day One
  • Binge learn with short videos
  • Skills and concepts clearly explained — no jargon
  • Each new skill builds on the previous ones
  • Valuable downloads to make practice easy
  • High-quality video lectures and resources
  • All assignments are relevant and role-related

The course is in English (UK) so a good grasp of English is all you need to get started.

* Minimum time to complete plus onboarding and wrap-up time.
† Estimated self-study time. Excludes weekly 90 minutes Enrichment Calls.

Leaders who coach are inspirational and influential.

Designed & Delivered by Sehaam Cyrene PCC

This is a new, ground-breaking course — here’s the impact Sehaam’s past programmes have had on leaders:

“I’ve never felt so supported in my professional career.”
“Encouraging my team to make more decisions has raised their confidence…”
“… and given me more free time to help shape cross-team processes.”
“I no longer think I’m a bad manager.”
“I have a stronger voice in management meetings.”
“I no longer feel like an imposter.”
“I’m more mindful of how I behave with my team.”
“Collaborating with my peers is now more productive and less frustrating.”
“I feel more influential — people listen to me.”
“I can have those delicate conversations without feeling emotional.”
“I now ask more questions to invite others to the table.”
“I can easily explain the value I bring to my team & my boss.”
“Our new team cadence has made my team much happier — thank you!”
“We laugh more as a team even when we’ve got deadlines.”



Over 9½ hours of video — succinct, clear explanations of why each skill matters & how to practice them


Stellar collection of worksheets, cheat sheets & templates as well as your Study Pack


Real scenarios, case studies, evaluations & useful frameworks for immediate impact


Links to articles and videos featuring the world’s most inspired minds


Online tutor support and exchanges with other delegates


Nail all the pre-requisites and make your investment in yourself count!


Get live instruction, real-time discussions, and test out your new coaching skills with your tutor, Sehaam Cyrene PCC, and your peers — an invaluable community of support and new professional contacts.

Live Enrichment Calls

Via Zoom

21 Hours Live Contact
Group Study & Deep Dive
Coaching Skills Practice

Week-by-Week Email Guidance

Stay organised & motivated

Progress Tracking
Study Time Estimates to Plan Your Time
Reminders & Encouragement

Facebook Group

+ In-Course Communities

Peer Networking
Peer Support & Ideas
Resources & Announcements

Completion Certificate

52 CPD Hours — Make it count!

Quizzes Logged
Assignments Approved
Call Attendance Logged

100% Remote Learning
& Skills Practice

Promotes Integrity in Leadership

Facilitates Diversity
& Inclusion

Better leadership conversations are intentional and strategic.
The closer we are to the results, the stronger and faster we grow.


Embracing the skills and competencies of professionally trained and credentialed coaches as well as the latest scientific studies that explain our human behaviour, Leaders Who Coach™ has been designed to develop the skills of leaders in any role to motivate and inspire their teams and their people across the organisation.

All of the 100 video lectures, rich resources and role-related assignments make instant application into work environments easy, have an immediate impact, and deliver new and better business results.


For Onboarding, your introductory module includes:

  • Why leaders who coach are inspirational and influential
  • Curriculum overview: four competencies, twelve skills
  • Working through the course
  • The Better Conversations Growth Model & study tips
  • Personal values
  • How leaders talk about their values
  • Readiness Quiz x 1
  • Readiness Assignment x 1
  • Study Pack x 1
  • Student Survey x 1
  • Course Onboarding Call x 1

Total 6 lectures, approximately 42 minutes of video.

Competency I | Grounded Leadership

  • Overview of Competency I – Grounded Leadership
  • Competency Concept: Managers vs Leaders vs Leaders Who Coach

Skill #1 | Act with Integrity

  • Show up as a Leader Who Coaches with integrity
  • Commit to developing your coaching skills
  • Encourage & promote awareness of how you lead
  • Create clarifying cultures
  • Common derailers
  • Quiz x 1
  • Assignment x 1
  • Cheat Sheet x 1
  • Enrichment Call x 1

Total 8 lectures, approximately 38 minutes of video.

Skill #2 | Establish Common Understanding

  • Your LWC sweet spot
  • Making your partnership clear
  • At the start of each coaching conversation
  • Questions to secure your verbal agreement to coach
  • Who to coach, when and where
  • Your responsibilities and theirs
  • Meeting resistance & opting out
  • Quiz x 1
  • Assignment x 1
  • Cheat Sheet x 1
  • Enrichment Call x 1

Total 8 lectures, approximately 61 minutes of video.

Competency II | Emotional Connections

  • Overview
  • Competency Concept: Trust-Permission Dynamic

Skill #3 | Build Trust, Secure Permission

  • Demonstrate genuine care
  • Consistently act with integrity
  • Make clear agreements on delivery
  • Champion their experimentation
  • Ask permission to coach on sensitive topics
  • Quiz x 1
  • Assignment x 1
  • Cheat Sheet x 1
  • Enrichment Call x 1

Total of 8 lectures, approximately 51 minutes of video.

Skill #4 | Coach-Leader Presence

  • Slow down, read the signals
  • Open to not having the answers
  • Open to experimentation
  • Multiple approaches to the same conversation
  • Laughter and humour
  • Confidence working with strong emotions
  • Quiz x 1
  • Assignment x 1
  • Cheat Sheet x 1
  • Enrichment Call x 1

Total 7 lectures, approximately 48 minutes of video.

Competency III | Conversations Skills

  • Overview
  • Competency Concept: The Who Energy Model

Skill #5 | Listen to Understand

  • What deep listening looks like
  • Set the scene but who’s agenda?
  • Explore feelings & concerns
  • Listen for values, beliefs & needs
  • Summarise, paraphrase, mirror & parrot
  • Truth & challenging
  • Quiz x 1
  • Assignment x 1
  • Observation Framework x 1
  • Enrichment Call x 1

Total 9 lectures, approximately 47 minutes of video.

Skill #6 | Ask Good Questions

  • The six sets of questions
  • Elaboration for clarification
  • Challenging assumptions and limiting beliefs
  • Looking for evidence
  • Discovering alternatives, exploring consequences
  • Imagining the future
  • Quiz x 1
  • Assignment x 1
  • Enrichment Call x 1

Total 7 lectures, approximately 34 minutes of video.

Skill #7 | Clean & Clear Language

  • Use client’s language for receptivity & impact
  • Leading, loaded & cryptic language
  • Summarising & bottom-lining
  • Delivering feedback
  • Demonstrating respect for your client
  • Metaphors & analogies to explain concepts
  • Shifting perspectives through reframing
  • Assignment x 1
  • Enrichment Call x 1

Total 5 lectures, approximately 19 minutes of video.

Competency IV | Capability & Capacity

  • Overview
  • Competency Concept: The Growth Roadmap

Skill #8 | Grow Awareness

  • Landscaping
  • Personal impact
  • The POwER paradigm
  • The beginning and the middle… then at the end
  • How to give advice
  • Assignment x 1
  • Enrichment Call x 1

Total 8 lectures, approximately 55 minutes of video.

Skill #9 | Design & Agree Actions

  • It’s time to begin designing actions
  • Things to check & confirm
  • Confidence, commitment, motivation & accountability
  • When you need to delegate & negotiate
  • Resistance & objections
  • Assignment x 1
  • Enrichment Call x 1

Total 6 lectures, approximately 26 minutes of video.

Skill #10 | Plan & Set Growth Goals

  • The Growth Roadmap Tool
  • One-to-one growth meetings with direct reports
  • The first one-to-one growth meeting
  • Core Growth Roadmap concepts
  • The 3 tracks
  • The 3 decision levers
  • Resources and notes
  • Tracking progress
  • Assignment x 1
  • Enrichment Call x 1

Total 9 lectures, approximately 54 minutes of video.

Skill #11 | Accountability & Course Correction

  • Our part as Leaders Who Coach
  • What to remember, what to write down
  • All kinds of check-ins
  • Troubleshooting & escalations
  • Re-contracting agreed actions & goals
  • Unacceptable risk & poor performance
  • Assignment x 1
  • Enrichment Call x 1

Total 7 lectures, approximately 39 minutes of video.

Skill #12 | Progress & Sustained Growth

  • Clear signs of ownership to acknowledge & celebrate
  • More subtle signs to acknowledge & celebrate
  • The most courageous of conversations
  • Strategic review — a year of growth
  • An annual schedule for you & your team
  • Talking about future possibilities & opportunities
  • Golden threads to carry with you
  • Your own growth as a leader who coaches
  • Assignment x 1
  • Enrichment Call x 1

Total 9 lectures, approximately 44 minutes of video.


  • 3 messages from your tutor
  • Student Survey x 1

Total 3 lectures, approximately 9minutes of video.

Leaders Who Coach™ is deeply infused with realistic business scenarios and dilemmas. The assignments are geared to help leaders put in place robust and sustainable practices that grow them as leaders and that build the capability and capacity of their teams. It is this unique blend of disciplines — coaching and leadership — delivered online with live enrichment and learning opportunities that puts Leaders Who Coach™ in a league of its own.

Meet Your Course Tutor

Sehaam Cyrene PCC is a professional certified Executive Coach and the designer of this ground-breaking course. She knows leaders want this kind of learning because that’s what her clients tell her. Now she’s made it accessible to ALL leaders with highly relatable stories, case studies and role-related assignments.

A seasoned entrepreneur and business owner, her coaching, consulting work and teaching focuses on the alignment, dynamics and behaviours of leaders at all levels and how they deliver strong business results. Her direct and compassionate straight-talking is refreshing for leaders and makes the course immensely accessible.

Sehaam is also host of Better Conversations Podcast.

“Every conversation is a negotiation.”

Leaders who coach get this — it’s what makes them naturally influential.

— Sehaam Cyrene PCC