My guest today is Lorenzo Espinosa on having a board of mentors. He works in tech – he’s currently Director of Data Operations and Product at Chattermill, a London-based AI startup “disrupting the unified customer experience ‘analytics space’ — which means they analyse the feedback from your customers to give you insights that help you improve the experience, service or product to your customer.

Lorenzo has been innovating on products and platforms for companies like Amazon and American Express. He considers himself strategic in his thinking; he enjoys mentoring and we can also add, multicultural in his outlook. And from what I can tell so far, he’s pretty switched on when it comes to understanding people and motivating teams, which in my experience, tells me he’s got a high degree of comfort with being open and vulnerable. I love guests like this.

He’s also an MBA graduate from London Business School. He’s Spanish and has lived, worked and studied in the US, and he is a half IRONMAN Finisher in Boulder, Colorado and has run 2 world marathons, one in Chicago and one in Berlin.

Let’s get inside his head. “Lorenzo” welcome

“It’s all about understanding what works best for each conversation. No two conversations are the same because of so many different factors that can expand from not just the person you talking to, but also the situation you are in, in your life, with your company, with the products. So it’s just, there are so many variables, you have to take several approaches to each of your projects, your interactions and there has been a huge learning for me, it’s something I really enjoy”

I dive a little deeper …….

  • Getting your point across without measuring your words and having to monitor how you present yourself.
  • How active listening and taking a genuine interest in people have helped him create a high-performing team.Board of Mentors
  • Developing others as leaders within the organisation.
  • Facilitating personal transformation in his team to help them reach their full potential.
  • A good conversation being when we can be open and honest.
  • Letting people know what you believe in and being there for them when they make a mistake.
  • Providing a safe space to try new things and experiment.
  • A place where he didn’t know what the next step in his path was and having a “Board of Mentors”.
  • Lorenzo shares his best and worst conversations.
  • Having and identifying a headspace to think about solutions to problems we are having.
  • The concept of power and authority and how to lead others with or without authority.
  • Encouraging those around us to overcome the fear of failure and how taking that first step makes us strong leaders.
  • Transactional leadership versus transformational leadership.

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