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Sehaam & Mag dig into your leadership challenges.

Photo Credit: Daniel Goddard

Photo Credit: Daniel Goddard

Answers to your leadership challenges & questions.

Join credentialed leadership coaches, Sehaam Cyrene PCC and Mag Leahy, on Live Leadership PRO — airing at random times — as we troubleshoot your leadership challenges & questions. All challenges and answers are anonymised.

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Communication Skills & Self-Advocacy ✦ Career Change & Planning ✦ Tricky & Difficult Conversations ✦ Relationship Development ✦ Conflict Resolution & Escalations ✦ Getting Support & Buy-In ✦ Increasing Engagement ✦ Giving & Receiving Feedback ✦ Influencing Your Boss & Peers ✦ Voicing Your Different Opinion ✦ Getting Heard in Meetings ✦ Holding Others Accountable ✦ Dealing with Underperformance ✦ And Much More…

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Leadership credibility early in your career firms up the path for future opportunities and your earning potential.
Sehaam Cyrene PCC

Sehaam Cyrene

Sehaam is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), founder of Better Conversations, and creator and tutor of CPD Certified Leaders Who Coach™.

Mag Leahy

Mag Leahy

Mag is an Executive Coach, seasoned Technologist, Diversity & Inclusion advocate, tutor of Conversation Skills in the Leaders Who Coach™ Series.