My guest is Kathryn Chapman, who is innately curious about people. Kathryn is a photographer, mental health advocate and creator of Face to Face, a powerful photographic process for women. It’s about giving them the opportunity to see themselves in a more self-loving way as a way of helping with mental health recovery. She designed the process from her own journey and recovery from depression and anxiety.

“I think I get people who are a bit stuck, maybe a little bit lost, are looking for direction. Somebody to walk beside them for a while on their journey and mirror back to them what they can’t see, and that is actually what I love to do.  I love to show people, women especially, I do photography men, but especially for women, showing them what they don’t see, because woman so often are so critical of themselves and don’t know how amazing they are and being able to show somebody – that is such a joyous process”

Since picking up her first camera at the age of 8, Kathryn has been fascinated by the medium of the lens — the camera is another way that Kathryn connects with people, it’s an extension of her immense capability to listen, to hold safe spaces and her willingness to explore her intuition. I wonder whether, as a photographer, she sees moments, expressions, things unsaid that most of us miss.

If that wasn’t enough you will hear Kathryn get more personal and discuss

  • Creating a safe place, a place of trust.
  • Seeing yourself from a different perspective that only photography can do.
  • Expressing your most difficult emotions.
  • Making that start and asking for help.
  • “Inviting somebody in” asking somebody to join you without asking for help.
  • Anger, an emotion we tend to push down and suppress.
  • Having a safe space – as women when do we have that safe space.
  • Being in a comfortable, uncomfortable place.
  • Seeing your beauty, strength, and vulnerabilities through the eye of a lens.
  • Looking to the outside for validation.
  • Finding your authentic self.
  • The power of you! Gifting yourself some time to get to know yourself better.

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