Our Responsibility to bring people with us in Conversation

My guest is Kate Rolfe. Kate is the founder of The Revels Office which is a cultural events consultancy. She helps arts organisations generate new revenue and through that expose organisations to different cultural experiences and reach new audiences. Kate is passionate about conversation and believes it is our responsibility to bring people with us in conversation.

She’s done some wonderfully creative projects like transforming the National Gallery into a cinema as part of a sponsorship with beer brand Leffe, setting up the ‘most popular event of all time’ with Time Out at the Natural History Museum and running a star-studded event at Buckingham Palace on behalf of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. 

“I think a lot of businesses are trying to move to a place where you don’t have to force people to be immediate and to make strong firm definite decisions straight away but actually there’s a level of creativity and time to think. I think a lot of that might have come from the creative industries… It’s bound to be a more peaceful way of working. It’s just more collaborative and calm but still effective. It’s not about wasting time — it’s about using time in the right way and using conversation in the right way.”

This was a really delightful conversation about your responsibility and  the mechanics of conversations. Where Kate shares her techniques for keeping a conversation moving forward and creating deeper connections. It’s very human, natural and speaks to her desire for meaningful connections.

If that wasn’t enough you will hear Kate get more personal and discussResponsibility

  • Reaching out to new people and starting a conversation using creative hooks
  • Being relaxed in conversations and diving in to find that common ground early and be an equal participant
  • Enjoying the conversation and being playful with the content
  • We’re having two conversations at once! One with the person we’re in conversation with and the other in our own mind
  • Being pressed for an opinion and learning to ask for some time to reflect
  • Being inspired by people who speak in ways that are true to their personality
  • Bouncing ideas off each other can make us feel very connected with that person
  • Uncomfortable conversations where there is no balance and your responsibility
  • Positive ways of moving conversations forward instead of shutting them down
  • Social Media creating a fast exchange to voice opinions but also creating a distance that makes rudeness okay

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