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Better Conversations is a start-up that provides online leadership learning solutions and related products, services and events to leaders as individuals and through their organisation.

Our flagship course is Leaders Who Coach™️ — The Blueprint. Built and tested, this 12+ week online course comprises 90+ video lectures and role-related assignments that mean leaders will have an impact straight-away. Also offered under the Better Conversations brand is Executive Coaching, the Better Conversations Podcast, the BC4Leaders Summit, and customised people strategy solutions.

A professional certified coach, leader and entrepreneur, I founded Better Conversations in 2018 but the idea for its mission started 10 years ago which is this… to level the playing field for leaders by offering high calibre leadership skills programmes that have true long-lasting impact and are available at rates individuals and organisations can afford.

We’re just getting going and we’ve got an exciting 24 months ahead.

Have a look around and check out the roles we’re currently looking to fill. To apply for a role, email your best cover letter and CV to

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Sehaam Cyrene PCC
Founder & Coach

Digital Marketing Executive

Our first hire, this is a part-time UK-based role to grow the Better Conversations brand and build communities around our products.

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