My guest today is Jason Ring  sharing his thoughts on not talking and actively listening. Jason joined Global Shares in 2019. After spending a decade within hyper growth cyber security companies helping them build their global go to market strategies and achieve unicorn status.  They brought Jason on board to help drive the next stage of growth within Global Shares, particularly in their SaaS business.

Having worked in market disrupting pre-IPO start-ups across EMEA, NA and APJ Jason has built up extensive knowledge into the day-to-day challenges facing Start-ups, Founders and early-stage companies as they grow and scale.

Jason works directly with Founding teams of high growth start-ups, their legal advisors and their VC investors to make sure that it tracks the company ownership, employees have access to their share options and shareholders have full transparency into the value of their investment.

“Before I would even walk into a conversation, I had an end goal in mind. Ok, what do I want to achieve in this meeting, or in this call, or whatever it is. What is the other person on the other end of the call or across the table from me, what are they looking to achieve?. And I need to understand that because if I go in there with my own agenda and I only care about myself and it’s all self actualisation and I am all brilliant and the product is great and none of what I am saying relates to the person across the table, they are going to stop listening and they will probably be looking at the sky. They would probably think about how quickly can I get this guy off the call or out of this meeting room.”

We dive deeper into not talking and actively listening…….

  • Not selling a product, but solving a problem.
  • Good conversations start with not talking and how actively listening is really important and how he struggled for many years being too talkative.Actively Listening
  • Having an end goal in mind and knowing what you want to achieve in meetings.
  • Appreciating what the other person wants and having an end goal in mind is critical.
  • Articulating your passion, vision and your business without actually being in front of someone.
  • The transition into remote working and the change in conversation being on a more personal basis.
  • Pivoting conversations to be different on every call.
  • People don’t leave bad companies, they leave bad managers.
  • Preferring calls over emails.
  • Employees having more visibility into the value they have within the company.

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