A great conversation with my guest, Ian Moyse. Where we discuss the fastest ways to build customer rapport. Ian is a Tech industry sales leader and he has sat on the boards for several industry bodies; FAST (Federation Against Software Theft), CIF (Cloud Industry Forum) and Eurocloud and as non-exec advisor to numerous other organisations. He got awarded the accolade of BESMA UK Sales Director of the year and in 2019 he listed in the top 50 Sales Keynote speakers by Top Sales World.  Ian is also a social influencer for a growing number of leading global technology brands.

“Bad things happen. It doesn’t matter how good you are — as a business, as individuals. Mistakes happen. Things fall through the cracks in the best of companies, with the highest net promoter scores on the planet. It happens. It’s how you deal with it and my advice is deal with it in a human way. In a conversation up front, not electronically, where you’re hiding behind something because that does more damage than facing up to it. Do not be afraid of it.”

He is extremely passionate about sales and how to build customer rapport, especially in the current economic climate and with most positions pivoting towards remote working. He talks about the hardships of effective communication through electronic devices and how difficult it has become to read conversations through the camera. He recommends picking up the phone over emails — always.

You will hear Ian talk about

  • Working remotely whether from home or a coffee shop – it comes with the “road warrior” so to speak in sales.
  • The challenges for sales people and having the back office that supports you change how they operate.
  • Pivoting in such a change and continuing business as much as you possibly can.
  • Having the tools in place to manage and to know that people are being productive.
  • The over reliance on electronic communication where a conversation does a much better job.
  • Listen more that you speak. Ask questions more than pitching your idea “show and tell”.
  • Go into conversations prepared. Be prepared for anything that may come up in any conversation..
  • Do everything you can to make sure that your conversations are fruitful for both parties.
Customer Rapport

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