Mag’s story

I’m really excited to share with you Mag’s story. Mag Leahy is a leader who has taken my course, Leaders Who Coach™. It’s a story of transformation and empowerment. You might be interested to hear her story about the transformational effect that learning coaching conversation skills has had on her leadership and her relationships — in her own words.

The experience that Mag had of leadership before taking my course is one I hear from many leaders. Perhaps you are feeling the same or something similar. That what you see ahead as a style of leadership somehow doesn’t appeal to you.

This is more common than you might think and one I hear from my leader clients all the time.

When we get the opportunity to lead, for most of us it happens without any formal training in how to get the best out of people and how to grow them in ways that are good for them and good for our team or organisation.

Even though the command-and-control style of leadership is generally accepted as outdated and ineffective, there are still echoes of it in many of our leaders across every industry and in every function. The old leadership development programmes are behind the times, proven to be both expensive and poor investments because the theory is hard to translate into day-to-day operations. (If you’re interested, I talk more about that here.)

But times are changing, and they are uncertain. The job market is fiercely competitive and organisations get to cherry pick from hundreds of applicants. They need leaders who can inspire and motivate their people in ways that enrich culture, take care of people’s wellbeing and mental health, and positively impact the bottom-line.

Which is why I designed Leaders Who Coach™.

After decades of listening to peer leaders and client leaders, I felt a fire burning in me to give them a fully practice-based course, backed up by scientific evidence, that helps them be both tactical and strategic in their roles, every day.

I concluded that the best way to unlock that in leaders is to nurture and grow the leaders themselves. To grow you.

Leaders Who Coach™ is built on these four foundations or competencies:

I — Grounded Leadership because to nurture others we need to first know what we stand for and begin to understand how we are showing up — and if that’s helpful or derailing us

II — Emotional Connections because our ability to inspire and influence hangs on the strength and depth of all our relationships including trust levels and how we empower others to excel

III — Conversation Skills because we need to become way more intentional in how we hold conversations if we want to have the best chance at deepening emotional connections and loyalty

IV — Capability & Capacity of our people because it is our ability as leaders to keep them focused and accountable, and to know when to step-in and course-correct, that is a strategic contributor to our competitiveness

I’ve highlighted these 4 competencies because you will have heard Mag talk about them in her story in her own words. On the course, you’ll learn about them in down-to-earth ways — the right amount of theory, minimal jargon and 100% learning by practicing.

You can learn more about the curriculum of Leaders Who Coach™ here.