Feedback Conversations: Your 3 questions answered

The best conversations have form and flow that help us navigate priority topics and achieve specific outcomes.

Leaders usually have these immediate questions:

  1. Does every conversation have to follow the sequence in the infographic?
  2. What about in-the-moment informal feedback?
  3. I use the Sandwich Feedback Model. Isn’t that okay?

So, let me answers these for you now in this short video.

This video relates to the Feedback Conversations Infographic which you can access here.

We understand a lot more today from neuroscience and behavioural economics about how we can inspire and influence our people in positive ways. We can use those findings and research to apply a more nuanced, oxytocin-rich and sophisticated approach to our conversations.

Recognising the power of emotional connections and how they influence our commitment to our work, our team and our organisations is not only a smart way to work, it’s a human way of being and leading.

Look out for my next email to you on the 5 most common mistakes that you can easily avoid.