Feedback Conversations: 5 most common mistakes you can easily avoid

I’ve observed the most well-meaning leaders make some basic mistakes that effectively shut people down in feedback conversations and make alignment, collaboration and accountability almost impossible and definitely very painful.

I’d like to share with you the 5 most common mistakes and show you what you can do instead to invite people into the discussion and release positive, generous exchanges into the feedback conversation.

Mistake #1 — Discounting what your direct report says
Mistake #2 — Missing important body language & non-verbal cues
Mistake #3 — Using leading questions or loaded language
Mistake #4 — Telling them how to fix it
Mistake #5 — Assuming they are lazy or not committed

So, let me answers these for you now in this short video.

This video relates to the Feedback Conversations Infographic which you can access here.

Making these mistakes doesn’t make you a terrible leader. Sometimes, with all the best intention in the world, we leaders can get in our own way when it comes to building trusting and collaborative relationships with our people.

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