People & Progression for Start-Ups & Scale-ups

How to Grow Your People to Achieve Your Targets &
How Your Leadership Conversations Need to Change

Masterclass: People & Progression for Start-Ups & Scale-Ups | Better Conversations

Critical to successful scaling is growing your people in ways that nourish them and help meet your business targets. And while all that is happening, your role as a leader needs to change to maximise on your people’s capability and remove operational drag. Come and learn about what’s tough, your role and some tools.

In this free 90-minute Masterclass, you’ll learn:

  • The top productivity challenges and mistakes as your business grows, and how to avoid them. Growing your organisation can be messy, chaotic and reactive as your key players wear multiple hats to get the work done. I will take you through the challenges that impact your start-up or scale-up the most and provide guidance for how to avoid them — from awkward reporting lines to delegating for peace of mind, and from speaking the hard truth to knowing what your people are capable of.
  • How your role as leader or founder will change and things you can start doing now to be ready. As your business grows, you need to move away from ‘doing’ and towards strategising for growth and coaching and empowering your people. That requires a deep understanding of how your people are motivated, what brings them clarity of thought for prioritising their work, and what grows their confidence and emotional commitment within your business. Sharing key concepts of Leaders Who Coach™, I will show you how your role and conversations are critical to making those things a reality of your culture.
  • Three key tools for growing people and managing risks to organisational growth. Before you can put in growth plans for your people, you need to get clear on what your organisation goals are for the coming 12-24 months and where your function gaps and risks are. I will show you how to use the Function Mapping Tool to identify your biggest people risks, how to use Growth Roadmaps for your people for maximum benefit, and the form and flow of Feedback Conversations that secure alignment, commitment and accountability.

Who should attend?

Whether your organisation is profit-making or a not-for-profit entity, whether you build products, services or platforms, you are in the people business.

Founders, COOs, CxOs, Chiefs of Staff, HR leaders and decision-makers with responsibility for people, teams and talent will find this Masterclass invaluable for avoiding expensive mistakes that create operational drag including lost time, unnecessary costs and missed opportunities as well as negative and long-lasting cultural impact.

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Sehaam Cyrene PCC
Sehaam Cyrene PCC

Entrepreneur and Professional Certified Executive Coach (PCC), Sehaam is founder of Better Conversations, and creator and tutor of CPD Certified and experiential online course, Leaders Who Coach™.

In the thick of things, it’s hard to realise what’s changing. You feel growth as discomfort, tension and stress. Reframing how you view your leadership role helps you recognise what’s changed, be intentional in conversations… and inspire.
— Sehaam Cyrene
“You’ve just helped us shape our leadership direction — brilliant.” — Kath
“We were lost about how to tackle growing our people. It’s 100% clear now and I know we can do it. Thanks, Sehaam” — Jan
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