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Leaders Who Coach™

Built on the principles of coaching mastery.
Infused with scientific & industry knowledge.

CPD Certified
5 Star Rated by Leaders

Leaders Who Coach™

The Certificate Programme

Leaders Who Coach™ covers four strategic leadership competencies and is designed to help you achieve the fullest vision of yourself as a leader, make a positive impact on the business, and take great people on the journey with you.

The Certificate Programme earns you Continuing Professional Development Credit (CPD Hours) — 32 Hours for the Self-Paced Certificate, and 50 Hours for the Enrichment Cohort Certificate which includes an additional 18 hours of live group tutor coaching on Enrichment Calls to fast-track your growth.

The Certificate Programmes include Foundation Module 1 — Personal Values & Blind Spots.

Embracing the skills and competencies of professionally trained and credentialed coaches as well as the latest scientific studies that explain our human behaviour, Leaders Who Coach™ has been designed to develop the skills of leaders in any role to motivate and inspire their teams and their people across the organisation.

All of the 111 video lectures, rich resources and role-related assignments make instant application into work environments easy, have an immediate impact, and deliver new and better business results.

FORMAT Self-Paced Certificate
DURATION 5+ Months
TIME 2.5 Hours/Week
CPD Credit 32 Hours
PRICE £697
FORMAT Cohort Certificate
DATE 3 April — 3 August
COHORT CALLS 12 Live Calls
Tuesdays, 10am GMT
TIME 4 Hours/Week
CPD Credit 50 Hours
PRICE £1,697

0% Interest Payment Plan Available

4 monthly payments of £424.25

ENROL  »  4 x £424.25
Enrol Your Team in Leaders Who Coach™ Enrichment Cohort Certificate — CPD Certified

Course Outcomes

This is a comprehensive CPD Certified programme with 111 video lectures (10½ hours).

You will grow your leadership awareness through conversation skill and confidence in ways that will surprise and delight you, and that will enrich all your relationships.

  • Learn what Leaders Who Coach™ do that makes them inspirational and influential within their team and organisation
  • Establish your foundations as a leader who coaches including acting with integrity and modelling great conversation skills
  • Quickly recognise the behaviours and conditions that break trust and those that build powerful emotional connections
  • Develop your coach-leader presence to improve the quality and impact of your conversations
  • Understand the power and techniques of helping your direct report come up with their own solutions
  • Reach a deeper level of listening and holding safe spaces that surface your conversation partner’s feelings, concerns and blockers
  • Gain confidence and skill in using coaching-style questioning and phrasing through real conversation practice
  • Learn to intentionally invite people to speak openly, and encourage them to explore and evaluate all options
  • Learn to challenge limiting beliefs and stress-test their ideas with compassion and without anxiety
  • Develop the reinforcing habits of acknowledging your direct report’s challenges and and celebrating their successes
  • Learn to observe the conversation skills of your team and how you can bring out the best in each member
  • Complete your own Growth Roadmap and learn to think more strategically about closing gaps to achieve your goals quickly
  • Coach your direct reports to complete their own realistic Growth Roadmaps and learn your role in supporting them
  • Plan and put in place your monthly one-to-one growth meetings with all your direct reports
  • Think more strategically about the growth of each member of your team
  • Learn how to hold your direct reports accountable, including when to course-correct and when to re-contract on agreements\

Course Details

Leaders Who Coach™ covers 4 strategic leadership competencies to help you achieve the fullest vision of yourself as a leader, make a positive impact on the business, and take great people on the journey with you.

Grounded Leadership

Conversation Skills

Emotional Connections

Capability & Capacity of Teams

Leaders Who Coach™ is deeply infused with realistic business scenarios and dilemmas. All the video lectures and assignments are geared towards immediate skills practice because this is the quickest and surest way to adopt new skills and make them your own.

It is the unique blend of disciplines — coaching and leadership — delivered online with realistic and relevant learning opportunities (and Enrichment Calls where enrolled) that puts Leaders Who Coach™ in a league of its own.

Foundation Module 1 —
Personal Values & Blind Spots

Total: 11 Video Lectures


Personal Values: are you honouring or compromising them?
7-Day Values Challenge
How leaders talk about their values
Common derailers
Uncover your blind spots
How to grow your leadership style
Mag’s story (uncut)
Why leaders who coach are inspirational and influential

Core Curriculum Onboarding
for Combined Modules 2, 3 & 4


6 Video Lectures

Competency I — Grounded Leadership

Total: 16 Video Lectures

Managers vs Leaders vs Leaders Who Coach™

Skill #1 — Act with Integrity
What integrity looks like
Develop your leader coaching skills
Promote awareness of how you lead
Create clarifying cultures
Common derailers to showing up

Skill #2 — Establish Common Understanding
Make your partnership clear
Start each coaching conversation
Secure an agreement to coach
Who to coach, when and where
Your responsibilities and theirs
Meeting resistance and opting out

Competency II — Emotional Connections

Total: 15 Video Lectures

The Trust-Permission Dynamic

Skill #3 — Build Trust, Secure Permission
Demonstrate genuine care
Act with integrity consistently
Make clear agreements on delivery
Champion their experimentation
Ask permission to coach on sensitive topics

Skill #4 — Coach-Leader Presence
Slow down, read the signals
Open to not having the answers
Open to experimentation
Multiple approaches to the same conversation
Laughter and humour
Working with strong emotions

Competency III Conversation Skills

Total: 21 Video Lectures

The Who Energy Model

Skill #5 — Listen to Understand
What deep listening looks like
Set the scene but who’s agenda?
Explore feelings and concerns
Listen for values, beliefs and needs
Summarise, paraphrase, mirror and parrot
Truth-telling and challenging

Skill #6 — Ask Good Questions
The six sets of questions
Elaboration for clarification
Challenging assumptions & limiting beliefs
Looking for evidence
Discovering alternatives, exploring consequences
Imagining the future

Skill #7 — Clean & Clear Language
Use language for receptivity and impact
Leading, loaded and cryptic language
Distinctions for clean language
Metaphors and analogies

Competency IV — Capability & Capacity of Teams

Total: 39 Video Lectures

The Growth Roadmap

Skill #8 — Grow Awareness
Personal impact
The POwER Paradigm
The beginning, the middle… then at the end
How to give advice

Skill #9 — Design & Agree Actions
It’s time to begin designing actions
Things to check and confirm
Confidence, commitment, motivation, accountability
When you need to delegate and negotiate
Resistance and objections

Skill #10 — Plan & Set Growth Goals
The Growth Roadmap Tool
One-to-one growth meetings with direct reports
The first one-to-one growth meeting
The 3 tracks: paid work, experience and skills
The 3 decision levers: timelines, effort and priorities
Resources and notes
Tracking progress with markers

Skill #11 — Accountability & Course Correction
Our part as Leaders Who Coach™
What to remember, what to write down
All kinds of check-ins
Troubleshooting and escalations
Re-contracting agreed actions and goals
Unacceptable risk and poor performance

Skill #12 — Progress & Sustained Growth
Signs of ownership to acknowledge and celebrate
More subtle signs to acknowledge and celebrate
The most courageous of conversations
Strategic review — a year of growth
An annual schedule for you and your team
Talking about future possibilities and opportunities
Golden threads to carry with you
Your own growth as a Leader Who Coaches


3 Video Lectures

There are 13 assignments in total.

They are all designed to grow your awareness of yourself in conversations, the opportunities for strengthening your relationships, and the skills to navigate the trickiest of conversations with confidence and skill.

Your assignments include self-analysis and self-reflection, awareness-growing conversation exercises, coaching conversation self-evaluations, team observations, growth roadmapping, and putting in place one-to-one growth meetings with your direct reports.

You need to submit each assignment and get it approved by your tutor to unlock the next skill and to meet one of the pre-requisites for graduating. See ‘Completion Certificate’ below for more details.

— For Enrichment Cohort Certificate Only —

The Leaders Who Coach™ Enrichment Cohort Certificate includes live Enrichment Calls for every study week — 12 in total.

Enrichment Calls are led by your tutor who is an experienced and professionally trained Executive Coach, and who is trained to lead Leaders Who Coach™ Enrichment Calls. Everyone honours the confidentiality of information shared to ensure maximum value for everyone.

Offering synchronous (live) learning hours, Enrichment Calls offer invaluable group study time including deep dive discussions, assignment review and feedback, case study discussion, practice conversations and role-playing, troubleshooting, and peer exploration of real situations that leaders on the course are facing, including conflict, under performance and people dilemmas.

Enrichment Calls deepen your understanding and fast-track your growth. And as you will be with the same cohort members through this Certificate Programme, you will find that your peers will continue to support one another beyond the programme itself.

You must attend a minimum of 10 out of 12 Enrichment Calls as a pre-requisite to receiving your Official Completion Certificate (see below).

You are expected to complete the skill and your assignment in advance of the upcoming related Enrichment Call.

Key Dates

Enrichment Calls for this Cohort Certificate 2021 are on the following Tuesdays at 10am GMT for 90 minutes:

Personal Values
& Blind Spots
(Foundation Module 1)
Grounded Leadership
& Emotionally Connected
(Module 2)
Conversation Skills
(Module 3)
Capability & Capacity
of Teams (Module 4)
1-Week Self-Paced Course
to be completed by 20 April
04 May
11 May
18 May
25 May
08 June
15 June
22 June
06 July
13 July
20 July
27 July
03 August
Your Completion Certificate
for Module 1 unlocks
the rest of the programme
RELEASED 20 APRIL No call on 1st June
No call on 29th June

Please note the one-week break between Grounded & Connected/Conversation Skills and Conversation Skills/Capability & Capacity of Teams.

Enrichment Calls are video calls on Zoom and by registration.

In order to receive your Official Completion Certificate displaying your CPD Hours, you need to:

  1. Achieve an 80% or above pass rate on all quizzes
  2. Have all your assignments approved
  3. Watch a minimum of 90% of each video
  4. Enrichment Cohort Certificate only — attend a minimum of 10 out of the 12 live Enrichment Calls with your cohort

The Self-Paced Certificate earns you 32 CPD Hours in total, including Foundation Module 1.

The Enrichment Cohort Certificate earns you 50 CPD Hours in total, including Foundation Module 1.

We offer an Interest Free Payment Plan for Leaders Who Coach™ Enrichment Cohort Certificate. 

With this option, you make 4 monthly payments of £424.25 with the first instalment due on enrolment.

Click here to select this Enrolment option.

You will need to upload your Completion Certificate for Module 1 — Personal Values & Blind Spots — in order to unlock the rest of the curriculum in the programmes (Self-Paced or Cohort).

Access to both Certificate Programmes (Self-Paced and Cohort) is for 9 months from enrolment.

For the Enrichment Cohort Certificate, spots are limited to 15 delegates per cohort to ensure you have a great learning experience.

Mag’s story

Leader Who Coach

What’s included…


Over 10½ hours of video — succinct, clear explanations of why each skill matters & how to practice them


Real scenarios, case studies, evaluations & useful frameworks for immediate impact


Stellar collection of worksheets, cheat sheets & templates as well as your Study Pack


Links to articles and videos featuring the world’s most inspired minds


Online tutor support and exchanges with other delegates


Nail all the pre-requisites and make your investment in yourself count!

A globally recognised mark of quality

Earn Continuing Profession Development (CPD) Credits or Hours

“well structured online course”
“plenty of opportunities to interact”
“very comprehensive”

Earn up to 50 CPD Hours

Earn 32 CPD Credits on Self-Paced Certificate
Earn 50 CPD Credits on Enrichment Cohort Certificate

Leaders Who Coach™ Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Credits or Hours are a great way to demonstrate — to your organisation, your team, your peers and your customers — your commitment to being an inspiring and influential leader.

12 more reasons to enrol

If you are a leader with experience of leading and managing a team, then this course is for you.
Leaders Who Coach™ is designed to meet the demands of leaders at all levels — even the most seasoned and senior leaders will get unrivalled value and growth from taking this ground breaking online course.

  • Be the leader everyone wants to work with & learn from

  • Effortlessly attract & keep the best people in your industry

  • Create emotional connections with anyone in 5 mins or less

  • Run high performance teams that excel at collaboration & innovation

  • Grow the capability of every team member through regular coaching conversations

  • Handle tough conversations with skill & compassion

  • Influence stakeholders earlier in the decision-making cycle

  • Raise your credibility & integrity index with everyone

  • Turn your boss into your #1 supporter & advocate

  • Be known for your strong business acumen & risk management skills

  • Fast-track your way to promotions & top career opportunities

  • Negotiate confidently for impact & winning outcomes

Why wait to secure your seat at the table?
Take control, empower your team, and accelerate your career.

100% Remote Learning
& Skills Practice

Promotes Integrity in Leadership

Facilitates Diversity
& Inclusion

Better leadership conversations are intentional and strategic.
The closer we are to the results, the stronger and faster we grow.

Leaders Who Coach™ Mastery Members

Once you graduate from a Leaders Who Coach™ Certificate Programme, you will be invited to join Mastery Members to continue your practice and growth with fellow alumni.

Regular Group Coaching Calls include Conversation Practice & Troubleshooting, a Calendar of Special Topics, Peer Networking & Community, and member only Online Discussion Groups.

Membership is on a subscription basis.

Leaders Who Coach™️ Mastery Members [beta]

Meet your tutors

Sehaam Cyrene PCC

Sehaam Cyrene PCC

Courses & Programmes

Sehaam is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), founder of Better Conversations, and creator of the online course for leaders, CPD Certified Leaders Who Coach™.

A seasoned entrepreneur and business owner, her coaching, consulting and teaching focuses drawing out the human in us to deepen our understanding of one another and strengthen our relationships. Because it’s our ability to reach across the divide and build inviting bridges, emotional connections, that earn us permission to influence for good.

Sehaam is also the host of Better Conversations Podcast, giving her the privilege of exploring the minds of many diverse and wonderful humans, and holding disarmingly intimate conversations about conversations.

Of Arab-English heritage, she is a single mum to 3 teenagers, a Fox Red Labrador and a long-haired ginger cat to match. Every morning is feeding time at the zoo.

Courses & Programmes

Mag Leahy

Mag graduated as a Coach from Kingstown College, Dublin, with an Advanced Diploma in Personal, Leadership and Executive Coaching. One of the first students of CPD Certified Leaders Who Coach™, Mag is a trusted and inspiring member of the Better Conversations team.

A seasoned Technologist, Mag has worked across many industries and continents during her 20 year career. She realised early that the best teams collaborate openly, everyone is heard and valued, the sense of connection is strong, growth is vital, authenticity is enabled, and position and trust are earned.

Committed to Diversity and Inclusion, Mag is an energising speaker and Executive Coach focused on bringing about changes in collaboration with others.

Mag is Irish, a passionate traveller currently learning Spanish, animal lover, and partner to an equally curly haired novelist. Mag is gaining new perspectives on life, empathy, and resilience through her continuing journey with Long Covid. Never stop loving and learning!

Belong to a global community

Meet Growth Minded Leaders Like You

Leaders enrolled on our courses are committed to bringing out the best in others by learning the conversation skills that build stronger relationships and support their people to achieve their goals. You’ll be in good company.

Expand Your Network

Meet new leaders at all levels and from all sectors in our online community and in live discussions that are open to our global community or that are part of our courses and certificate programmes.

Get Tutor & Peer Feedback

Leaders on our courses and Better Conversations tutors are always ready to give feedback and are generous with their knowledge, experiences and techniques for coaching conversations with their team, peers and other key stakeholders, like clients and suppliers.

Better Conversations is a growing global community of Leaders Who Coach™ and who embrace diversity

Testimonials from graduates…

Courses & Programs

I had not thought too much about taking a leadership course when Sehaam asked if I might be interested in Leaders Who Coach™.

Managing a team of 21 (including other people managers), I knew I wanted to learn more and be a better manager. I’d been working with Sehaam as my coach for a while and saw many opportunities with the course as it was focused on coaching and conversation skills. Communicating with clarity has always been an area I’d like to improve in!

I found the course extremely beneficial for my role, and I learnt new skills every week. The group I worked with was amazing, and we had productive conversations every week, which further enhanced my learnings and takeaways. Sehaam is both an excellent coach and course leader! The weekly tutorials were easy to follow, and the assignments kept me accountable each week.

As we’ve now wrapped up the course, I find myself going back to my learnings again and again. I feel more confident in my conversation skills and awareness of how I can communicate with more clarity. Not only am I able to have more productive 1:1s, but I am also able to coach my direct reports to be better people managers and leaders who coach themselves.

Åsa Nyström, VP Customer Advocacy, Buffer
Leader Who Coach

Leaders Who Coach™ is a great course for getting the most out of your team. It is an honour to lead people, and your people are the company’s biggest asset.

Throughout the Leaders Who Coach™ course, we learned to listen to our direct reports, spot areas to delve into thoroughly, as well as action plan and ensure tasks are delivered and ownership achieved.

In a broader sense, the course made me trust my team more and reduce the chance of unmet deadlines. Great course, great teacher and the Enrichment Cohort, talking to other people in similar situations really helped to get different opinions.

Peter Hedley, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Recycleye
Courses & Programmes

When I first signed up for Leaders Who Coach™, it intrigued me to explore what a leader who coaches looked like. Having worked with Sehaam before as an Executive Coach, I knew I would get prompts for deep thinking, reflection, and that a lot of care would have gone into the materials.

I hadn’t prepared for just how much richness there was throughout this journey! It exceeded my expectations. I got a clear sense of what my core values are, had enlightening conversations with those closest to me to understand how others receive my communication, shone light onto my blind spots, and got multiple opportunities to practice my listening and conversation skills.

The video content was well structured, easy to digest, and the cheat sheets were handy quick reminders that I could keep with me day-to-day. The Enrichment Calls were exceptionally valuable, even on days when I felt like I might not have much to add or was tired, I came away feeling nourished and refreshed.

Through this course, I’ve gained the confidence to trust in my leadership, lead in ways which align with my values and to shake off the pressures of what I’ve thought “leadership” traditionally looks like. I’m excited to work with others and walk the journey with them, seeing them thrive in their own decision-making and be a resource rather than an instructor.

Siobhan OH Baker, Leadership Team, Coding Black Females

Real growth, confidence & mastery in leadership

Kathryn Tingle, Tech Lead at Sainsbury's

I didn’t know what to expect when joining the Leaders Who Coach™ course and it exceeded my expectations. Sehaam is an excellent leadership coach and I was fortunate to be in a cohort of leaders with interesting backgrounds.

The course made me think about my leadership style and approaches in a different way. The best leaders create an environment conducive for learning and discovery. I really enjoyed the focus on empowering our teams to help with their progression and our ability to create high performing teams. Thank you Sehaam.

Kathryn Tingle, Tech Leader, Sainsbury's
Glenn Martin

I have defined my leadership style through this course, established my values and the type of leader I want to become through a foundation of continuous improvement and learning. I’m more confident actually having a conversation about my leadership qualities now. This was something I struggled with and avoided prior to coming on this course.

It has given me confidence in leadership that was completely missing before coming on this course. The Leaders Who Coach™ course has been a journey of learning and a healing process where I have reconciled the experiences of the past with the vision for my future.

I enjoyed the Enrichment Calls the most — the opportunity to share the week’s learning, and trial that learning in a safe space with trusted fellow cohort members, was really exciting!

Sehaam Cyrene is first class as a tutor – calm, engaging, funny and generous – combined with her experience, knowledge and expertise, you learn in an environment that is very empowering!

Glenn Martin, Talent Acquisition Leader & Speaker
Ben Miller

Leaders Who Coach™ is built upon weekly skills and capabilities modules. Each one includes learning and assignments, but the value game changer for me was the weekly Enrichment Calls. These were an opportunity to explore real-life situations and practice the capabilities with Sehaam and fellow students. Digital environments which focus on experiences which are intentional and interactive work for me.

Sehaam’s course also left me with a deeper awareness of who I am.

Coaches have an open, non-judgemental, and instinctive capacity to understand where we’re at and where we’re trying to get to. They prioritise relationships over tasks and build trust from the get-go.

Our society needs these capacities at scale because without trust, truth and cohesion, nothing works. This isn’t a quick fix, and we can’t impose it either. It’s a process we must always work in a space which Leaders Who Coach™ can hold for us to explore together.

Ben Miller, Co-Founder, Latitude Social Design
Tom Hind

I wasn’t doing my best as a leader or for my team outside of technical growth, so when the opportunity to join Leaders Who Coach™ came up, I was interested in the content and the way the course seemed to approach leadership.

The lectures and assignments were of fantastic quality and the lectures were certainly ones to pay attention to, easy to digest and take notes on. The assignments actually made me take action in the real world rather than looking at theoretical scenarios, so I actively made an impact.

Sehaam was fantastic — her passion and knowledge coming through during the Enrichment Calls with the group. Not letting people stay silent is a good skill to have as a tutor!

I can say I have grown as a leader and am certainly still growing. My team has noticed a difference on how I approach topics and questions, and I don’t immediately drive to a solution from my own opinions. They’ve been receptive of the initial one-to-ones that we’ve had and are driving their own growth roadmaps, even during a very busy period.

I really enjoyed the course. I had no expectations due to never having completed a management course, but I feel like I have gone from zero to learning a lot!

Tom Hind, Chief Technology Officer, Akari Solutions
Ben Wilkins, CEO at Good Boost

Over the duration of the course, I was able to take on new ideas and learnings and apply them in real work situations. The course design meant that I could share examples that worked and needed some refinement for group support and reflection. This meant that skills were embedded, rather than just learning key works in a 1-day course.

I hugely recommended anyone in a leadership or management position to take on the Leaders Who Coach™ programme.

Ben Wilkins, CEO, Good Boost

…and their rating of Leaders Who Coach™

5 Star Rated by Leaders

Highly Recommended by Leaders

5 Star Rated by Leaders

Quality of Content

5 Star Rated by Leaders

Knowledgeable Tutor

5 Star Rated by Leaders

Real Role Assignments & Practical Skills

5 Star Rated by Leaders

Enrichment Call Content & Discussions

Enrol as a Team

There’s an amplifying effect on your culture when your team grows together on Leaders Who Coach™ Enrichment Cohort Certificate.

With a dedicated cohort for your leaders only, they will bond, develop common language and model consistent leadership techniques. They will collaborate, bridge gaps and support one another for months and years to come in ways that strengthen business outcomes.a

How to enrol as a team

“Every conversation is a negotiation.”

Leaders Who Coach™ get this — it’s what makes them naturally influential.

— Sehaam Cyrene PCC