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Enrol Your Leaders

Move forward together, grow together
Amplify your leadership impact — together

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Enrol Your Leaders in Leaders Who Coach™
— Enrichment Cohort Certificate

Leaders growing and learning together is an incredibly enriching experience that helps to synchronise approaches and behaviours without stifling the style of each leader. It’s also a great way to protect the best things about your culture and nurture healthier aspects of culture for stronger collaboration, cross-function growth and competitive advantage.

Dedicated Programme for Your Team of Leaders

We currently offer Enrol Your Team for the Leaders Who Coach™ Enrichment Cohort Certificate only. Enrol 6 leaders or more, and we can schedule a dedicated cohort for your leaders only.

The advantages of a dedicated programme for your team of leaders include:

  • We enrol your leaders for you
  • Dedicated programme set-up
  • Scheduled start date is flexible
  • Exclusive access own online community (closed group)
  • Access to bigger Better Conversations Community
  • Deep dive on your organisation’s focus areas
  • All calls and discussions are confidential
  • Dovetails easily with and complements existing culture and L&D programmes

Good to know

  • It requires a minimum of 6 leaders for a Dedicated Programme
  • We recommend 12 leaders per cohort (and a maximum of 15) to ensure the quality of learning experience
  • Leaders in a cohort should be close in level or seniority (adjacent levels) to ensure ease of topic exploration and discussions
  • We can accommodate time zones that fall between 8am and 5pm GMT, Monday-Thursday
  • Start dates and call times are subject to tutor availability *

We can also provide:

  • Executive Briefings, EA Briefings and Onboarding Calls
  • One-to-One Coaching packages
  • Company-wide Conversation Skills Masterclasses

Please enquire about cohorts of less than 6 leaders.

FORMAT Cohort Certificate Programme
COHORT SIZE 6-15 Leaders
COHORT CALLS 12 Live Coaching Calls
CALL TIME ZONES Between 8am & 5pm GMT (Mon-Thurs) *
DURATION ~ 6 Months
STUDY TIME 2+ Hours/Week
START DATE Subject to tutor availability

Enrolment Form

Providing the names of your Leaders, their role and approximate number of direct reports whom they are each responsible for helps us to build up a picture of you team and your requirements.

This form allows you to enrol a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 leaders.
You can have up to 15 leaders enrolled per cohort — please email us.

All fields marked with * are mandatory fields to complete.

After you submit this Enrolment Form, one of the team will contact you within 24 hours or the next working day to arrange a time to talk further.

About you and the team

As the Primary Contact, we will get in touch you to discuss your team's situation and enrolment details.

The team members you wish to enrol

If you are the Primary Contact AND you are one of the Team Members to enrol in the course, please add yourself as Team Member #1.

By submitting this Team Enrolment Application, you confirm that you are authorised to make this application on behalf of your organisation.


It will count

We are a member of The CPD Certification Service, which is responsible for assessing the quality of courses of professional institutes and academic bodies.

Your leaders will earn 50 globally recognised Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Credits or Hours on the Leaders Who Coach™ Enrichment Cohort Certificate.