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Leaders Who Coach™ Certificate — CPD Certified

Leaders Who Coach™ Certificate

CPD Certified, Leaders Who Coach™ covers 12 skills across 4 strategic leadership competencies. Designed by Executive Coach Sehaam Cyrene PCC to build the confidence and capability of leaders in their current role to influence, motivate and grow their people and to build healthy teams and cultures.

Self-Paced Course | Cohort Course | Audio Edition

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Neurodiversity in Teams with Ben Miller | Better Conversations

Neurodiversity in Teams with Ben Miller

Our 6-week course is designed to demystify and reveal the invisible workings of the mind for leaders. Instead of approaching neurodiversity as a problem to fix, Ben invites you to explore new ways to navigate complex and collective challenges with the strengths of team members who are neurodiverse.

Cohort Course

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Talent for Leaders with Glenn Martin | Better Conversations

Talent for Leaders with Glenn Martin

In our NEW 6-week course, Glenn shows leaders — who are involved in their organisation’s recruitment activities — how to put individuals at the heart of your brand even before you’ve hired and onboarded them. He will offer you an insightful and informed perspective that will empower you as a leader and ensure you’re delivering the best candidate experience.

Cohort Course

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Courses & Programmes

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We are a member of The CPD Certification Service which is responsible for assessing the quality of courses of professional institutes and academic bodies.

Our courses earn you globally recognised Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Credits or Hours.

Your Learning Experience

We listen, experiment, measure, check-in and refine to make sure you are having the best learning experience.

Your Learning Experience

We listen, experiment, measure, check-in and refine to make sure you are having the best learning experience.
Courses & Programmes

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Courses & Programmes

Sehaam Cyrene PCC

Courses & Programmes

Sehaam is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), founder of Better Conversations, and creator of the online course for leaders, CPD Certified Leaders Who Coach™.

A seasoned entrepreneur and business owner, her coaching, consulting and teaching focuses on drawing out the human in us to deepen our understanding of one another and strengthen our relationships. Because it’s our ability to reach across the divide and build inviting bridges, emotional connections, that earn us permission to influence for good.

Sehaam is the host of Better Conversations Podcast and Better Conversations LIVE exploring all the corners and curveballs of leadership and conversations.

Of Arab-English heritage, she is a single mum to 3 teenagers, a Fox Red Labrador and a long-haired ginger cat to match. Every morning is feeding time at the zoo.

Mag Leahy

Mag Leahy

Mag graduated as a Coach from Kingstown College, Dublin, with an Advanced Diploma in Personal, Leadership and Executive Coaching. One of the first students and now tutor of CPD Certified Leaders Who Coach™, Mag is a trusted and inspiring member of the Better Conversations team.

A seasoned Technologist, Mag has worked across many industries and continents during her 20 year career. She realised early that the best teams collaborate openly, everyone is heard and valued, the sense of connection is strong, growth is vital, authenticity is enabled, and position and trust are earned.

Committed to Diversity and Inclusion, Mag is a committed speaker, often co-hosting on Better Conversations LIVE, and Executive Coach focused on bringing about changes in collaboration with others.

Mag is Irish, a passionate traveller currently learning Spanish, animal lover, and partner to an equally curly haired novelist. Mag is gaining new perspectives on life, empathy, and resilience through her continuing journey with Long Covid. Never stop loving and learning!

Glenn Martin

Glenn Martin

Glenn is a Talent Acquisition and Recruitment professional and speaker, and course creator and tutor of our new course for leaders, Talent for Leaders.

With over 15-years of experience delivering talent solutions for businesses based in the UK, EMEA and APAC regions, Glenn partners with fast-growth scale-ups and social enterprises to build teams across all business functions. In 2020 during the lockdown, he supported the pilot recruitment project by Radical Recruit in partnership with homeless charity, St Mungo’s to ensure no homeless person is forced back onto the streets through lack of employment.

Glenn is the host of Never Mind The Job Spec – the Podcast, a blogger, an Event Speaker and #WorkingLunch.

He is also co-host on Better Conversations LIVE — check out Course Correcting the C-Suite on Talent, our 3 part series for leaders.

Ben Miller

Ben Miller

Ben, a neurodiversity champion with ADHD and advocates for people who perceive, communicate, and learn differently. He is passionate about the role that divergent thinking and doing in classrooms, workplaces, and community settings will have on what comes next. He is the creator and tutor of our new course Thinking Differently… Together.

He blends personal experiences, industry insight, multiple interests and coaching to help people explore new possibilities and pathways. Check out his Better Conversations LIVE episodes on humour and ways conversations go wrong.

Ben’s broad interests start with the brain because it influences everything we do — how we experience, sense, feel, think, relate, and respond. He supports and empowers leaders to shift from a “fixing-people” mindset to creating the conditions for people to flourish. He believes an ability to balance and integrate different outlooks, experiences, capabilities and thinking styles are a necessity for sustainable, inclusive, healthy and productive ways to live, learn, and work in the 21st Century.

Ben plays an active role in shaping the East of England culture. He supported the region’s NHS Mental Health transformation project and was chair of Healthwatch Suffolk during Covid-19, and remains a Director. He advises local institutions on future skills and career development. Ben will soon be launching It’s All Mental, a storytelling podcast for young people to explore the root causes of mental illness. He is also the co-founder of °Latitude Project which harnesses Social Design principles to improve environments for marginalised people to prosper.

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