Tuesday 1 June 2021 — Charlotte Valeur (She/Her) talks to Ben Miller about reimagining boardroom culture. Diagnosed autistic, Charlotte is a corporate governance expert and a keen advocate for diversity in the boardroom. She has an extensive portfolio career with a number of Non-Executive Directorships and FTSE Chair roles. Over the last decade, Charlotte has been a director of 7 public companies, including three appointments as chair.

What does neurodiversity look like in teams? How do ADHD, Autism, Dyspraxia, Dyslexia and other conditions show up? Are you missing the signs in your team members? Maybe you’re getting frustrated? How can you navigate complex and collective challenges and turn them in team strengths?

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Neurodiversity in Teams with Ben Miller

Neurodiversity in Teams with Ben Miller

For leaders who live with neurodiversity, want to create a more diverse team and inclusive culture, want to improve employee wellbeing and collaboration, want to understand more about the mind and brain, and want to leverage diversity for team strength.

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