Tuesday 21 September — Sehaam Cyrene shares the most common challenges of leadership and why Leaders Who Coach™ handle them better.

On this week’s Better Conversation Live, I’m sharing with you something I find myself talking to a lot of leaders about, which is ‘challenges that leaders face’. It can be day-to-day stuff or it can be what happens in a crisis, and how Leaders Who Coach ™️ approach those challenges a little bit differently. I give you a few pointers that you can experiment with, some comfortable and extra confidence.

Below are 8 challenges that you can take away with you and practice in the coming weeks:

  • Challenge #1 –   Assuming people ‘get it’ and know what to do
  • Challenge #2 –  Not letting go / difficult delegating
  • Challenge #3 –  Avoiding tough conversations
  • Challenge #4 –  Letting underperformance drag on
  • Challenge #5 –  Making it personal
  • Challenge #6 –  Telling people what to do / jumping to solutions
  • Challenge #7 –  Not knowing what your people are capable of
  • Challenge #8 –  Not contracting / negotiating in conversations

I hope these nuggets of information leave you challenged and ready to try things a little differently this week.

Join me on the next Better Conversations LIVE where I will share with you ‘When & How to Give Advice to your Direct Reports‘.

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Feedback Conversations Infographic with Video Tutorials
Feedback Conversations Infographic with Video Tutorials