At a career crossroads? Is it time to move on? Make the right move not just the next move. In just 3 minutes, hear my advice as a result of coaching many successful executives at their career crossroads:

1. Understand who you are today: 0:24

2. Consolidate your portfolio of experiences: 0:37

3. Understand what you want more of: 0:49

4. Do your due diligence: 1:02

5. Don’t get caught up with the gaps in your CV: 1:20

6. Test your assumptions about your decision-making: 1:55

7. Develop a new point of view: 2:15

Working with a coach can help you refresh yourself, give you space to acknowledge what you are brilliant at so you don’t undersell yourself, and help you work out what is most important about your next move. A coach can also help you prepare and rehearse for those vital interviews.

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