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The leaders we want (18 min read)

As organisations, as business and people decision-makers, we want our leaders to do magic like this: Their teams [...]

Conditions for creativity

"Creativity is the capacity to call something into being where nothing existed before." What comes up for you? What needs [...]

How will 2019 define you?

Or rather... How will the two megatrends of our time define you in 2019? As you closed out 2018 and [...]

  • Image CC Peter Burgess

Okay, so you made a mistake

In this world nothing can be said to be certain except death, taxes and mistakes. And yes, I have [...]

  • Image CC by Chris Waits

Delegate so you can sleep…

Often we think we’ve delegated a task only to discover, too late, that the work hasn’t been done, has been [...]

Opinion: Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity drives healthier organizational cultures -- financially and culturally. Progressive organisations commit to strategic shifts towards a more innovative [...]

Negotiate like a rockstar

As a negotiator, your role is to find the common ground for building a proposition and then securing agreement [...]

How do you listen, exactly?

We are highly visual beings and that makes listening a complicated and tough undertaking. Because our brains are processing [...]

Does your team hum?

It's reassuring to know that teams and their leaders face the same challenges regardless of sector or geography. The big [...]

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How not to lose your cool as a founder —

How to not lose your sh*t as a founder – In
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