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Tuesday 20 July — Natasha Sackey on different ways into conversations

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7 Sept — Sehaam Cyrene on
leaders who coach

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14 Sept — Charles Radclyffe
on ESG

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21 Sept — TBA
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Better Conversations Live – Starting conversations and staying in conversations can be wonderful. They can also be uncomfortable, challenging and scary even — they can be full of taboos and judgement. And yet it’s the first step towards understanding, advocacy and stronger working relationships.

We’re going to break down some barriers so you feel you have the words and the confidence you need to start some really great conversations.

Katja Forbes on
moral compass in design

Siobhan Baker
on leadership as service

Glenn Martin
on great hiring experiences

Hazbi (they)
on queer identities

Emma Wainer
on vocal connection

Lorenzo Espinosa
on delivering through others

Charlotte Valeur
on reimagining boardroom culture

Mag Leahy
on Long Covid

Sehaam Cyrene on 18 ways
conversations go wrong

Drew Tarvin
on humour

John Cockburn-Evans
on toxic cultures

Dr Bettina Palazzo
on ethics

Nathan Chung
on autism

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Better Conversations Live

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Better Conversations Live

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Better Conversations Live

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Better Conversations Live

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Better Conversations Live

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