My guest is Steve Gaskell a fellow coach with a firm belief of being the best version of yourself every day.  Author of Business Shouldn’t be this Tough has a deep understanding of the difficulties leaders face today, he’s been helping leaders of businesses for some 18 years. 

Steve is a former Army Master Coach, British Army, he helps develop a “pig-headed approach to personal discipline, drive and ambition”.

Steve and I have spoken previously, and we connected on many levels, we speak the same language, so that always makes it feel like we’ve known each other a long time. 

In conversations it is probably one of the most difficult things sometimes to define, what goes to make a really good conversation. I think in some instances if you out with your friends it is the one who can talk the most and you know, have people recognise and woo what it is your saying, agree with you, and yet there are other conversations where you don’t get a word in edgeways, so for me I think the really best conversations that I as a coach are interestingly those that I don’t do a lot of talking. I am in a position to listen more deeply.

He’s doing some fascinating work with people who’ve been in a life of service — military and emergency services (ambulance, police and fire brigade) — and are transitioning into a new career. He shares the challenges of those leaving a life of service and highlights the opportunities for doing it successfully.

We dive a little deeper……Being the best version of yourself

  • Leaders and executives turning up each day to be the best version of themselves.
  • The moment of reflection of looking back at a conversation and what we have discussed along the way and getting a handle at what the value has been for them
  • There is a lot to be said without words and a whole body listening
  • Asking permission to make an observation and the “elephant in the room”
  • Fear being a root cause of many approaches in our mindset that we have
  • In the new digital world how we respond, engage in front of a lens
  • Learning new skills and etiquette on how to communicate with the camera and a new set of play rules
  • Our kids and how they are communicating on different levels to what we did
  • “The advice monster” unlocking the performance and potential in his clients through them identifying what it is they need to do
  • Being comfortable with silence in conversation

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