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Becoming Influential: The Leaders Who Coach™ Way

Becoming Influential — The Leaders Who Coach™ Way

Being influential is key to getting stuff done, advancing our careers, gaining credibility, and leading high-performing teams that attract great people. Opportunities and promotions increase significantly.

In this free jam-packed 75-minute Masterclass, you’ll learn:

  • The 3 biggest ways you are probably derailing yourself. When we don’t feel influential, confident in ourselves or secure in our position, we do things to ‘protect’ ourselves and behave in ways that create more distance from those we need to lead and inspire. These derailers guarantee direct reports won’t listen to us, peers won’t seek us out, and the boss won’t value our opinion.
  • How to break the cycle and instead create stronger people connections and understand what people really want from you. Using the stories of 6 leaders, I will share with you how they went from feeling stuck and demotivated to feeling deeply connected to people at all levels and becoming influential, the go-to person who people listened to.
  • Some of the key techniques that Leaders Who Coach™ put into practice to be influential including how to create emotional connections with people in less than 5 minutes, how to keep people in conversations even when they disagree, how to talk about yourself in ways that show your value to the business, influence stakeholders earlier in decision-making cycles, and create advocates of their team, peers and boss.
Sehaam Cyrene PCC
Sehaam Cyrene PCC
Sehaam is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), founder of Better Conversations, and creator and tutor of CPD Certified online course, Leaders Who Coach™.
It’s our ability to reach across the divide — build inviting bridges and emotional connections — that earn us permission to influence.
— Sehaam Cyrene
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Thanks Sehaam for speaking at Women in Tech last month! I enjoyed the session and have picked up so many great ideas, especially asking questions, developing our own point of view and focusing on the value we bring to the business. — Claudia
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