AWCTOs | How To Handle Tough Conversations

Many people don’t engage with difficult conversations because they don’t know how to have them.”

Erin Eatough, PhD

Do you feel comfortable having difficult conversations? Do you have a technique for handling them?

Learning how to deal with difficult conversations is absolutely crucial if you’re planning to enter an executive role. It can be a useful skill to learn at almost any level, so why are so many of us worried about having them?

In her article “How to have difficult conversations at work”, Erin explains that many people opt to avoid them altogether. The truth is that many of us have never actually taken the time to learn the art of having a difficult conversation. Whilst it’s true some people possess a natural talent for navigating tough conversations, the good news is that this is a skill anyone can master. In fact when you know how to have difficult conversations, you’ll see it’s really not that difficult at all!

In this event, experienced executive coach Sehaam Cyrene will be interviewing a panel of CTOs, each experienced with navigating tough conversations. Hearing their personal stories and advice on how to have difficult conversations will help you learn a few techniques about how you too can master the art of having tough conversations.

Meet our guests:-

Sonal Rattan – Co-founder and CTO of eXate

Florence Gschwend – CTO and Co-Founder at Lixea

Sarah Surrall – CTO at Oxehealth

Fiona Hobbs – Experienced CTO and Cloud Architect

The Aspiring Women CTOs is sponsored by Novoda and Better Conversations.

This event is organised by Recworks on behalf of the Aspiring Women CTOs

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Feedback Conversations Infographic with Video Tutorials
Feedback Conversations Infographic with Video Tutorials