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Sehaam Cyrene PCC

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Hello there.

I was an entrepreneur and now business owner. I’m a self-starter, a survivor and a warrior — probably the result of being a mixed race child watching my parents move mountains for others in the name of justice, freedom and progress. (Is a warrior too much?)

The integrity of what I do is important, and I love to learn. I’ve failed and I’ve had humbling successes from things and people I didn’t expect. I’ve worked around the globe in sectors I never dreamed I would, and I’ve re-built my career three times. I’m happiest when I can contribute and give.

I dip into books and have many on the go at once because they’re all too interesting and the world is full of so many great minds. I’ve got three teenage kids who have grown me, shown me how to live in the moment and stand for what’s true, and maybe even broken me in. (A broken but grateful warrior at times.) A young fox red Labrador has taught me to be even more patient and consistent, and a ginger long-haired streetwise cat has charmed us all into servitude.

I’m surrounded by people who believe in me, who have shown me kindness, and to whom I’m grateful in ways I probably fail to show them.

And I love conversations. I love to see people flourish and the moment the penny drops and they understand what they’re really all about and how brilliant they are. (Yes, a warrior for you.)

Executive Coach to Leaders & Teams
Host of Better Conversations Podcast

Team Talks

Team Talks are great for starting internal discussions within your team or company about culture, productivity and leadership. It’s also a great way to test how receptive your people are to making some healthy changes.

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  • Secrets of Top Influencers & Negotiators

  • Teams: From Stuck to Unstoppable

  • Lead, Model, Coach

  • What I Really Want To Say Is… (Tricky Chats, Difficult Conversations)

  • Giving Great Feedback (even when the message is tough)

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