We’re teaching 15 women tech leaders
to become Leaders Who Coach™ for free.
To prepare you for your future CTO role.

This Aspiring Women CTOs Cohort is part of the LWCx100 Programme & co-sponsored by

Better Conversations | betterconversations.co
“I am grateful to have had such an incredible journey where I met many inspiring, curious and humble leaders who grew and learned together. Thank you Sehaam for this wonderful opportunity.” Valerie Dryden, Head of Engineering, Zego (Graduate of LWCx100 Cohort #1)

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Essential Leadership Skills for Your Future CTO Role & How To Get Them

Being spoken to differently from our male colleagues, trying to establish our own leadership style that looks and feels so different to our male peers, expending great energy to stay level or get ahead, being seen as equally credible and capable, and being sought out in private for our counsel but not advocated for in public by the very same leaders… these are just some of the challenges that tech women leaders have en route to becoming a CTO.

When we feel like our own thoughts, values and decisions are constantly challenged, daily, it’s easy to feel defeated and wonder whether our efforts are worth the fight. And this weight can leave us feeling triggered or silenced.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The CPD Certified course Leaders Who Coach™ has been described as “transformational” and “life-changing”. On this intensive leadership skills training programme, leaders learn:

  • how to feel grounded in their own values
  • how to grow and develop their own leadership style
  • how to hold their own in tricky conversations
  • how to bridge gender and cultural communication differences to reach alignment quicker and easier
  • how to challenge without feeling emotionally charged
  • how to grow their own people for cultural health, improved productivity and less stressful accountability
  • …and more

Stepping up into a CTO role demands of leaders a more strategic focus and less doing of tasks that their team members, when emotionally connected, are confident and capable of delivering on. It requires a mindset shift, to see your role as someone who enables and empowers others, and know that your value is to influence and support at the most strategic level.

The creator of the course, Executive Coach to leaders and founder of Better Conversations, Sehaam Cyrene PCC, will share the competencies and skills of Leaders Who Coach™ and how they can support Aspiring Women CTOs to achieve their goals.

And here’s your opportunity to get these skills…

It is with excitement that RecWorks and Novoda have partnered with Better Conversations to offer a Leaders Who Coach™ cohort dedicated to Aspiring Women CTOs as part of the LWCx100 Programme.

  • 15 spots available, each worth £2997
  • Course starts Wednesday 20 April
  • Earn 50 Continuing Professional Development Hours
  • Learn and grow with peer women leaders
  • Structured skill and competency development
  • Two-thirds is self-paced online study in your cohort
  • Supported study through 100 video lectures, resources and role-related assignments
  • 18 live group coaching hours with Sehaam
  • Graduate in August with formal CPD Completion Certificate

With a maximum of 15 places on the cohort starting on 20 April 2022, we’re bringing you the opportunity to go on this “game-changing” CPD Certified Leadership Development Course to accelerate your pathway to becoming a CTO.

Application Deadline is Friday 25 March 2022 at 5pm UK time.

Application Criteria: You need to have attended tech training within the last 15 years, have at least 2 direct reports OR be an individual contributor who needs to influence stakeholders, and have the career goal of working towards a senior tech role within the next 2-5 years.

Details of how you can apply for a place on this cohort are at the end of the recorded talk above.

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About the LWCx100 Programme

In 2021, Better Conversations opened the CPD Certified course, Leaders Who Coach™ Enrichment Cohort Certificate, to 100 leaders who are committed to growing their leadership skills. This is a £300K investment to bring about critical change in how we lead our people.

Kicking off on 20 April 2022, the Aspiring Women CTOs Cohort is co-sponsored by RecWorks and Novoda, and is Cohort #4 in our LWCx100 Programme. Enrolment on this cohort is by individual application for 1 of 15 leader spots by 25 March 2022. During her talk, Sehaam explains the application process and criteria for applying.

As a successful applicant, you will earn 50 Continuing Professional Development Hours made up of 32 self-study hours PLUS 18 hours of group coaching with creator, tutor and Executive Coach, Sehaam Cyrene PCC. You will learn masterful conversation and leadership skills that will place you in the top 10% of outstanding leaders, access 100 self-paced video lectures, and grow and network with your peers.

Discover more about the Course here and the LWCx100 Programme here.

Listen to Mag’s Story…

A seasoned Technologist, Mag has worked across many industries and continents in her 20-year career. She is now a Professional Executive Coach herself and a Certified Tutor of Leaders Who Coach™.

“The course made me think about my leadership style and approaches in a different way. I really enjoyed the focus on empowering our teams to help with their progression and our ability to create high performing teams. Thank you Sehaam.”

— Kathryn Tingle, FTSE 100 Tech Leader, Sainsbury’s
“I found the course extremely beneficial for my role, and I learnt new skills every week. I feel more confident in my conversation skills and awareness of how I can communicate with more clarity. Not only am I able to have more productive 1:1s but I am also able to coach my direct reports to be better people managers and leaders who coach themselves.”

— Åsa Nyström, VP Customer Advocacy, Buffer
Leaders Who Coach™ Enrichment Cohort Certificate
Leaders Who Coach™ Enrichment Cohort Certificate


Q — Do you make exceptions to the application criteria?

For this Aspiring Women CTOs LWCx100 Cohort co-sponsored by RecWorks and Novoda, we have adjusted the application criteria from all our other LWCx100 Cohorts in recognition of the common narrative of female tech leaders, which is a slower and more challenging career journey. For example, instead of having left full-time education within the last 12 years, we ask that applicants demonstrate a commitment to being in the tech space by having attended tech training within the last 15 years. And while we do make exceptions when there is space on the cohort, we do have a clear mission to fulfil — which is to support female tech leaders to be part of that next generation of leaders who coach, and we want to apply that as equitably as we can. Offers to leaders not meeting this cohort’s application criteria would only be made after the stated application deadline, and our decision is final.

Q — Do I have to watch the replay of the Aspiring Women CTOs Talk “Essential Leadership Skills for Your Future CTO Role & How To Get Them”?

We really encourage you to watch the replay of Sehaam’s talk (see above) because the commitment to enrolling is significant (up to 4 hours per week) and we want applicants to fully appreciate the course content, the schedule and expectations as well as know what we would like to read in your application. Tutors are committing time to your learning and success. Part of our due diligence in offering you a place is to ensure you are fully aware of the commitment required so you stand the best chance of enjoying the experience, completing and graduating.

Q — What is the time commitment for this?

Time commitment is maximum of 4 hours per week made up of self-study and assignments (average is 1 hour per week directly related to your work (e.g. a meeting) so the additional reflection/analysis time is minimal, and group coaching calls with your peers (90 mins per week) which leaders have called a game-changer because they really help embed active practice of their skills.

Q — Is this a Self-Paced or Cohort programme?

This is a cohort programme for the Leaders Who Coach™ Enrichment Cohort Certificate which is comprised of 2/3 self-paced study and 1/3 group cohort study. We’ll share a sample schedule with you during the Information Session.

Q — How long does the programme take to complete?

The programme is approximately 4 months including on-boarding and wrap up and 2 x one-week breaks. We cover one skill per week and there are 12 skill across four competencies — you can check out the full curriculum and videos here. As much as possible, we have avoided school holiday breaks like Easter and Half Terms in recognition of possible parenting responsibilities of our applicants. While you are on the course, you have free access to the course and our community for leaders.

Q — Why is there no fee?

We want to achieve two key goals: A) establish coaching skills as a standard and critical skill that leaders actively demonstrate for their own benefit and that of their teams and organisation, and B) shift the trajectory of productivity and happiness in the workplace to a much better place. We believe this programme helps us meet those goals in the short-term and well into the future, especially as Leaders Who Coach™ find themselves naturally compelled to pass on their knowledge and skills. Speaking of which…

Q — What happens if I need more time to complete the course?

We understand that life and work get busy. So we give you an additional 2 weeks of free Community Membership to meet your completion and graduation prerequisites, which include watching all the video lectures, passing all the quizzes, submitting all your assignments and attending the minimum 10 of 12 Enrichment Calls. If you need more time, you will be invited to join as a Better Conversations Community Member to maintain your full access to the course and community so you can work at your own pace to complete the course. The Monthly Plan is £19 per month and the Annual Plan (£190 per year) works out to less than £16 per month.

Q — How can I pay this opportunity forward?

We ask that while you are on the programme (and beyond), you share your experience, learning and skills with your peers, teams and future leaders. Leaders Who Coach™ is about embedded great leadership skills directly into teams and organisations by having Leaders Who Coach™ model awesome leadership conversation skills which include motivating, delegating, giving feedback, creating accountability and much more.

Q — What does CPD mean?

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development. Leaders Who Coach™ has been CPD Certified by The CPD Certification Service which is responsible for assessing the quality of courses of professional institutes and academic bodies, like universities, across the globe. In approving our course with no revisions, the CPD Certification Service commented that Leaders Who Coach™ is a “well structured online course”, offering “plenty of opportunities to interact” and “very comprehensive”. (We also believe it’s transformational. 😉 ) You will earn 50 CPD Credits/Hours when you complete and graduate from our programme.

Q — How many cohorts are available?

For now and for our Aspiring Women CTOs, we have just this one cohort available in the LWCx100 Programme. If for any reason, the schedule of this cohort does not work for you, you could consider applying for a place on our original LWCx100 Programme and you would need to meet the criteria applying on those cohorts.

Q — Can you tell us what leaders who have graduated say about Leaders Who Coach™?

Yes! You can read their testimonials here. Plus, at the Information Session, we’ll demonstrate some ways you can expect to grow your own leadership style.

Q — How can I find out more?

Details of the LWCx100 Programme are here — this Cohort is part of the same programme but with adjusted criteria to accommodate the common narrative of female tech leaders, which is a slower and more challenging career journey. Full course details of Leaders Who Coach™ Certificate are here with sample video lectures, the outline of the 100 video lecture curriculum and assignments, and testimonials from leader graduates.

Q — What should I do if I’m not sure I can make the time?

This is an investment in you which means it’s important. So talk to your life partner about what it would take and how they can support you — what adjustments can you both make to carve out the study time for the period of 4 months. Ask your boss for their support and negotiate to have the time to take this CPD certified training — offer to share your learnings with the team. The people close to you, who care about your growth, will be happy to support you and even be your accountability partner to make sure you get the most from this opportunity.

Q — How do I apply?

Once you attend the Application Information Session, we will send you the link to the LWCx100 Application Form and the Course & Cohort Call Schedule as well as the application deadline and application process.