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Better Conversations Community is designed for leaders who recognise that leadership is a journey. There is always a new skill to pick up and there are many ways to learn those skills. Come practice and share with expert tutors and peer leaders.

Work meetings don’t have to be boring, difficult or scary.

You just have never been shown how to be present in conversations or explored what leading your way really means to you.

It’s time to raise your leadership game.
With integrity.

You have probably experienced bad people management. You may have been at the receiving end of it, you may have witnessed it or you may even have copied it. It doesn’t feel good.

That feeling may be uncomfortable but it is very useful — it’s telling you something very important.

It’s telling you that there are better ways to lead.

You CAN step into leadership and replace anxiety, doubt and regret with empowering Who-Centred leadership experiences.

Meet other leaders who feel the same way

Know Yourself So
You Can Back Yourself

You begin by knowing yourself better and exploring your own personal values.

You also need to discover what your blind spots are and how you’re showing up today.

We all adopt beliefs and aspirations that we think we should have because those are the things that other leaders seem to hold on to.

But do they really? Are they just copying too?

Knowing yourself is the first step to knowing what you’re already great at and where you need to grow.

Start defining your leadership style

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Theory without practice is useless. We design safe and supportive learning experiences that you can directly apply to your daily leadership tasks, activities and goals. This way you can connect doing something differently with getting a better result.

This is how transformation happens.

Coaching skills for inspirational leadership

Reading all the books in the world about coaching cultures and skills won’t help you in the moments you need them the most if you don’t know how to translate theory into practice.

We design learning experiences that you can directly apply to your daily leadership tasks, activities and goals. This way you can connect doing something differently with getting a better result.

Leaders Who Coach™️ Certificate Programmes
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“Saying it was ‘life-changing’ probably isn’t an exaggeration.”
Dan Dunton, Programme Digital Delivery & Team Leadership



“powerful new awareness”

“utterly grateful”

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Better Conversations Member Talks from our tutors and guest speakers are open to all our members:

Challenging & Disagreeing

Thinking & Speaking Strategically

Women in Leadership

Stress & Burnout

Meditation for Work

Disabilities: Physical & Hidden

Delegation Super Power

Handling Confrontations

Poor Performance Conversations

Being Present for Family & Friends

Advocating for Others

Building Trust Quickly

And more talks hosted on topics our members ask for.

High-practice, experiential courses for every stage of your leadership journey. Starting at £479, our short courses (usually 7 weeks long) are unique to Better Conversations and meet CPD standards.

Neurodiversity in Teams
with Ben Miller, social designer & neurodiversity expert

Land Your Next Role
with Glenn Martin, founder of Never Mind The Job Spec

Your Physical & Voice Presence
with Gail Sixsmith, actor, director & movement expert

Talking Confidently About Diversity
with Dr Hazbi Avdiji (they), nonbinary performance artist,
diversity advocate & university lecturer

and more…

Articles, discussions and events on leadership aspects most important to our members.

Generous sharing by hosts, tutors, coaches, guest speakers and our members
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Peer learning through discussions & group practice improves your speed, confidence and knowledge retention in skill mastery.

Peer learning through discussions and group practice improves your speed, confidence and knowledge retention in skill mastery.
Meet your peers

Challenges, quizzes & quests bring your learning to life and help your healthy habits stick.

Tools, downloads, cheatsheets and playlists support your experimentation and skills practice.

Start experimenting today

Embracing the way you learn best.

Our member experiences offer inclusive modes of learning that combine video, audio, captions, visual tools, self-study and field study (asynchronous learning) and live group calls with tutor feedback (synchronous learning).

Inclusive modes of learning
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